Christmas 2014 - A Jumble

Well Christmas came and went, again (as it does), and we all survived. This time of year with 2 toddlers is a little on side, BUT we tend to be experts at making lemonade around here so we all did just fine. We anticipated sickness, we did our best to prepare for chaos, we embraced messy, unorganized, houses and schedules, and we drank and ate A LOT (but mostly drank).

We got to see so much of our families. Some we did not and they were very greatly missed.

The girls were very excited to open presents this year. There were a few "situations" in which they may have been fighting over who was going to open the present first, but what's a little healthy may-the-strongest-child-win competition among family members? Most of the time it ended well.




It has definitely proven that taking pics of kids at this age, looking, smiling, and sitting still is LITERALLY impossible. So, I have decided to embrace the little idiosyncrasies and imperfections that make up most of the photos I post. After all, it's what makes them ours. Lots of personality.






There ended up being around 1000 photos just from Christmas, so obvi, I had to narrow it down. We got to spend time with so many members of the family I couldn't possibly show them all here. Plus, I have noticed some of the adults aren't huge fans of being on "that-there-intranet."






With love to all our family, you made a wonderful time of year even more wonderfuller (YES it's a word - I'm almost positive. Just take my word for it though, ok?)