Happy "100th" Friday!!!






I CAN NOT believe it's been this many Friday's since I started documenting our life with Hazel. What's more insane, is to think now we have 2 littles to call our own. Unbelievable!!! It astounds me everyday (yes even on the hard days) just how blessed that we have been with our 2 little miracles.

Even more so, I am so honoured to have a space where I can share our journey with you. The way that you've embraced Hazel for the little girl that she's becoming. Yeah - sure - she has Down syndrome but that certainly doesn't define her. It's just a small part of what makes her who she is and who she will grow to be. I enjoy sharing her triumphs and tribulations with you.



You have been with us for 100 Friday's!!!

That's gotta be a milestone in our relationship. 100 pics of Hazel (and Nola too). 100 smiles. I want you to know that nothing makes me happier than imagining the 100 smiles that have landed on YOUR faces in the past 100 Fridays. It really is the least that I can do for you...

You, who takes the time to follow our girl.

You, who makes space in your heart to love her.

You, who has accepted something new and different into your life.

You, who have always supported me while I try to change negative opinions and stigmas about Down syndrome.

You, who see Hazel for the determined little girl that she is.

You, who spread the joy and love that children have to offer us.

And most important...For every person that has opened their minds and hearts up to those with Down syndrome, because of the interest you have taken in Hazel.


Thank you so much for being a part of the change, for allowing me to educate and advocate for my little girl. Please help me to continue to spread awareness for the next 100 Fridays.





Happy 100th Friday to you!!!