5 Tips: Bringing Home a New Baby

I know that bringing home a new baby is an exciting and blessed time for new parents. I also know that it is one of the most stressful events that may ever be experienced. I thought since we are in the thick of it here, meaning - knee deep in nursing babes, dirty diapers and puke on everything, I would share a few tips on how we try to stay organized among all the chaos. I know everyone is different and needs to do what works for them. So I offer these tips as a starting point. You can start out trying this method and then tweak it to whatever suits you, your partner and your baby. I also know that I am by no means an expert at this but I still I offer you some suggestions.

If this is your first time here on Chasing Hazel....

I have 2 lovely baby girls. Hazel just turned 2 and Nola who is 4 months. They are 21 months apart. There's a reason I am just getting to this blog post now. Times are crazy! I am still relatively sane and I have a whole new respect for mamas out there who have more than 2 children (especially ones so close in age - YIKES).

I sincerely hope this takes the edge of some stress for y'all!!!



1. Laundry Factory

I hope you have a good washing machine. Between spit up and diaper blow outs, we go through receiving blankets, sleepers and baby wash cloths very quickly. It's a good idea to get a system in place for getting it done quickly. Like have your mother or mother-in-law come over and do it for you. I kid... (NOPE!)


2. Have a Travel Basket

PicMonkey Collage3

I bring this basket with me where ever I am in the house. It has all the necessities for new baby. It's so nice to have a portable station having another little to chase after. I use the small basket for waste (dirty diapers, wash cloths and outfits) and I empty it at the end of the day.


Note: If you have a lot of space in your home (which I do not) you might want to set up the pack and play in the room where you spend most of your time. Maybe not really for sleeping or playing at first but just to have all essentials in one place. Again, if you have another babe at home it's sometimes hard to go to the nursery for all the feedings and changing that the new baby is going to need.


3. Clean Out a Drawer in your Kitchen/Bedroom

Even if you are breast feeding you might find you still need a home for pacifiers, bottles, pump parts, wash cloths etc. in the kitchen. Also, before you know it you need cups, plates and spoons.

I have a change station in my night stand. We spend a lot of time nursing and hanging in bed after Hazel goes to sleep. It's nice to have a spot for everything we need. Also, I am loving Netflix at the moment!!!


4. Have "Your People" Bring You Food

I CAN NOT stress this one enough. For the love of God!!!! Anyone who wants a snuggle with the new babe needs to bring you food!!! It's even more ideal (especially in the first few weeks) if they just drop off the food and go. Don't be afraid to tell people you are not up for a visit. Some days and nights will be longer and more draining than others. Do what works for you and the new baby.



Reach out to friends and family who you trust and are willing to help. If they want to come over and clean your house, do your laundry, cook food for you or hold a fussy babe so you can rest. LET THEM!!! People want to help, it makes them feel good. Also, you need it. Admit that to yourself right away and life will be grand.


If you are nursing you might want to get in contact with a Lactation Consultant in your area. Developing a good nursing relationship with your new baby can be more difficult than it seems for some moms and babes so it's great to have a resource to help you get established. My experience was not easy. It took months to get to where we are now and I couldn't have done it without my LC and my extremely supportive husband (also my extremely determined personality that refused to quit - not that this is a good thing).


Ahhhhhhh what the heck here's an extra BONUS TIP:

6. SLEEP!!!

Whenever. Where ever. Things will get done. If you get the chance SLEEP! If your baby will only sleep in your arms, then your arms it is. If they only sleep in the swing, then the swing it will be. If they only sleep in the arms of grandma, then build her a room. If they will only sleep if they are facing east, laying on their side, with a specific blanket tucked a specific way, with classical or rap music on, then that's what you have to do. I truly DO NOT believe you can spoil a baby within the first 3 months of their life. DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO TO STAY SANE!


I don't know guys! I'm not a pro. This is just what helps us get through the days with 2 small terrorists who are winning negotiations at the moment. I am working on a post with info on bringing home baby #2. Hope this helps!

ANY other mothers out there with suggestions please feel free to leave a comment. How did you do it? What tips do you have?