On the Homefront - Christmas Wise

The house is ready for Santa! The several inches of snow that fell this weekend (well last weekend now) certainly didn't make it feel any LESS like Christmas. It's beautiful outside (now that the roads are cleared and the snow has stopped falling and I don't have anywhere to go - Gorgeous!). K...so I wrote this when there was snow outside. The snow no longer remains. The sentiment is the same. Anyways... Hazel is so much more fun this year. She's so curious about what we are up to. Wanting to help Daddy in pretty much whatever activity he is doing. "Help" is sort of a loose term - it's more she's right under his feet, making sure to steal whatever objects he places down. Usually followed by hysterical laughter and the pitter-patter of her feet running in the opposite direction. It's pretty funny.



She was really a really big help in decorating the tree this year. When we were placing the lights and ribbon just so, Hazel made sure to go behind us and pull them down. It was fun!







This is the very first time Hazel ever held Nola. My heart nearly exploded into a huge, hot, mama, mess right there on the spot. I think I stopped breathing...


As you can see Hazel has hearts in her eyes and Nola, well, "she's just not that into her." Seems we can't win.

In other Christmas news...

We have all been sick AGAIN and so there are no pre-Christmas-dress-wearing photo shoots taking place this year. We will just have to wait until the day of and try to get the pics then. It's risky I know - but sacrifices have to be made. Desperate times...

Will check in once more before the big day, but for now hoping all your Holiday plans are falling into place and you are beginning to exhale and look forward to spending some time doing whatever it is you do to celebrate the birth of Jesus and ring in the new year.