Thanksgiving is My Favourite!


We had a lovely day together as a big ol' Italian family.

The weather was, lit'rally, perfect for a day spent eating, drinking and chasing kids around outside. It was especially nice for those of us who are really pregnant to escape outdoors for some refreshing cool air.

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage


Nonno and Nonna B saying hello to Hazel. I think they love her just a little bit!


PicMonkey Collage


Chasing Nonna around on the driveway...



This little dress that Hazel is wearing was passed down by her cousin Anna (and Zia Kim, Anna's mom). It was given to Anna by her Great Grandmother, who I had the pleasure of meeting on a handful of occasions. What a cherished soul she was. Always ready with a kind word and a smile. We were so happy to have Hazel wear such a cherished and meaningful family heirloom.

It must have set the tone for her and Anna for the day because Hazel was glued to her side. They read books, played outside and Hazel offered spontaneous hugs and kisses to her big cousin. So awesome to witness this kind of love!





Thanksgiving indeed...We are thankful.

We all sincerely hope you enjoy your holiday this year as well.