Don't limit Megan...Don't you dare!!!

We are approaching the month of October...  

Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!!


Use this resource to launch a unit on special needs or disabilities in your classroom to make Down Syndrome a topic of conversation this month for your students.





This video NEEDS to be shown in your classroom or to your children!!!

It has a very strong and inspirational message about how people with Down syndrome want and NEED to be treated in the classroom and schools.

This is a video of Megan. She has Down syndrome and a VERY bold and wonderful message to send out about herself and others who also have Down syndrome. This is what she wants the world to know. And she is NOT afraid to say it!!!!



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Please don't assume that because your kids go to school with a person that has Down syndrome, or are friends with a person who has it, that they have an accurate understanding of what it means. Actually, I find that it is the opposite. Just because students are all in the same room together doesn't mean that they pay attention to one another.



Lesson Specifics:

I would say this video could be used for any age past 11 or 12 (Grade 6 to grade 12).

It will explain exactly how people with Down syndrome need other students, friends and teacher support in order to reach their full potential. Meagan wants to be fully included in all matters of the classroom and school. She also talks about a mutual respect for everyone with disabilities.

I think that it would be a really easy tool to use to spark conversation and discussion.

Teachers, you know your students best. You could go in so many directions with this video.

I know curriculum is a challenge to get through everyday but PLEASE find some time to show this to your students.


I would love to hear how you used this resource. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post to share your ideas or you experiences with this video in your classrooms or homes!!!