"Festivus" in July

Here are some of the memories we made this summer. July has been kind to us so far. Allowing us to spend time together as a little family and time with our big family. We are grateful to be able to have the opportunity to share gorgeous days with people we love.  

We have been celebrating Hazel and how healthy and happy she is a year after her heart surgery.

PicMonkey Collage3

Her favourite snack is ice cream. She tried licking it out of the cone, until she realized it was faster to just hold the cone with one hand and use her fingers to dig the rest out.

Also, she thinks she is HYSTERICAL when she sneaks up behind you and jumps on your back. She starts laughing from the minute the idea gets into her head, even if you are far away from her. She just laughs her way over, climbs up and laughs harder.

PicMonkey Collage2


Hazel's cousin, Emilia, turned 8.



PicMonkey Collage1




I love the look of the 4 girls sitting all together at the table (even though Hazel is really starting to look like a big girl).

PicMonkey Collage


A great poolside family get together.




Hazel's spends so much time talking to the baby in the reflection. It's one of her favourite things to do outside. She sits in front of the patio doors and talks, sways, stands up, sits down - pretty much everything she knows how to do she does.



Also, she likes Popsicles. THE FACE!



Hope you are all enjoying summer so far!