It's a... I am just going to put it right here at the beginning. If you just CAN'T wait, scroll to the bottom to find out (but come back to the top to see how it all unraveled). I think the progression of pics is pretty funny.


Who is this handsome lad? What is he doing in the reveal post you ask? Well...this is, Jay, the lighting model for the reveal photo shoot. I think he's cute.



Jay belongs to Heidi, who was the first to know and arrange the reveal for Matt and I. Here's her reaction to the news...




The moment of truth...I DIE!!! You can tell instantly when I know...





Matt knows...










IT'S A GIRL!!!!!






We told Hazel she's going to have a sister.




Now I can tell you how we feel about having 2 girls. We COULD NOT be happier!!!

I was genuinely shocked when the docs told me Hazel was a girl. I was convinced we were having a boy for the entire pregnancy. This time, I was CONVINCED it was a boy. I am not quite sure why but I always just felt like we were going to be parents to boys. We opened the little box and much to my surprise, there was a pink candy. Talk about shocked!!! Knowing I would be skeptical, I had the ultrasound tech give us a pic of the baby's goods, just so I could be sure.

YUP...It's a girl!!!

With every single day that passes more excitement grows in my heart that Hazel (and the new baby) get to have a sister. They can grow old together and nurture each other in only the ways that girls know how. They can fight over clothes, and toys, and everything, just as sisters do. The important part is that they will look out for each other. They will understand each other in only the way that sisters can. They will grow old together. Supporting each other in challenging times, leaning on each other in times of despair and laughing with each other in times of joy. They will always have each other - no matter what.

What could possibly make a mother feel more at ease and content? We are bursting to share this baby with Hazel and we thank the Lord and the universe everyday for this new baby girl.


Have a great week everyone!!!