Happy Friday (on Saturday)

Since we are blogging from Florida this week, I must say the blog is falling on the floor. What is not falling on the floor is: going shopping, visiting Downtown Disney (and a certain very special princess, Lilly) and lounging by the pool.  


Hazel is having a blast.

I think it is impossible to imagine, but I love her more now than I did before. She has been such a champ about all the changes your first vacation together brings (ie. LOOOOOOONG day of travel day 1, and since then a lot of naps in the stroller and the car, late bedtimes and total stimulation all the time). She has been such a happy, content little girl to just go with the flow (oh...AND...she's sleeping through the night). She never ceases to amaze!!!

(Little does she know, if she was naughty, the family vacations would stop completely. Smart girl!!)




Hope you all enjoyed your week!!!