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It was such a pleasure to meet Andrew and his mom, Karen. They were selling t-shirts to raise money for a little girl in need of a heart transplant. Hazel instantly fell in love with Andrew. She immediately outstretched her arms to him and was trying to kiss him on the mouth. It was pretty cute.




Their booth was set up at Colasanti's, a local Tropical Garden. So we went out to get our Group Hug Apparel ON... (literally - we put it on while we were there).




Part of Andrew's inspiration to sell t-shirts is to help "sick kids." Andrew knows what it's like to have a heart surgery or two and wants to help kids in any way that he can. He says that it is "important to help people."

This video tells a little bit of their story, including a history of why they started Group Hug Apparel. Every time I watch the part where Karen says that she is proud of Andrew, tears well up in my eyes. It is an overwhelming feeling to know that your child can accomplish so much, even though the odds may seem stacked against them. You make us all proud, Andrew!!!

Also, if you have a Group Hug shirt and would like to send me a picture of you wearing it, I would love to post it on the blog. You can send it to, with the subject line "Group Hug". Also, I know Andrew always wants to see where his shirts ended up. Feel free to jump over to his Facebook page and "like" it and share your pics with him.

Congratulations Andrew on all your accomplishments!!!


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Embracing difference is so empowering.


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