Hazel visits with Santa

  Here they are...


Stella, Emi, Lilly, Owen, Hazel and Monroe in the traditional every-kid-everywhere-has-to-do-this-at-Christmas Christmas photos with Santa. We decided to make it a family affair. It was a little hectic but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I love that our kids will grow up with these memories. They are learning about traditions and family. I can almost hear the conversations in 25 years between them - "Remember when our moms dressed us up, dragged us to the mall and made us sit together with Santa?"

Oh...how this just motivates me even more to be that-mom-that-drags-her-kid-to-the-mall-to-sit-on-Santa's-lap-with-her-cousins.



Of course we had to get a couple of just Hazel. She was a happy little girl and gave lots of smiles. No playing strange with Santa yet so it was a great experience all around...no guarantees next year.



She kept turning around to get a better look at who was holding her.



Turns out she was ok with it.



Hope Santa brings you all peace this season...