ENABLE Haiti Wrap Up

A HUGE thanks to all who participated in giving to ENABLE Haiti - Christmas in February!!!!! (Brace yourselves, there WILL be a lot of exclamation marks in this post)

YAY!!!       YAY!!!      YAY!!!!

In a very brief period of only 2 weeks, Chasing Hazel supporters were able to raise over $300 in cash. AMAZING!!!!

What is even more impressive, is the amount of toys that were dropped off for the orphans. YOU were able to fill 4 HUGE industrial sized garbage bags with toys!!! I can't put a monetary value on the items donated, but what I can say is that the impact will be priceless.

YOU have all taken the time and money to give 400 orphans an opportunity to do something that they have never had the chance to do, BE KIDS!!!


I would like to close on ENABLE Haiti by sharing this letter to Santa.

It was written by my God-son, Zach. He is another tiny hero, who I look up to. He came into this world far earlier than he should have and spent the first year of his life proving doctors wrong. He is a fighter. He is one of the kindest people I know, his compassion for others knows no bounds.

Here is his letter to Santa... (he dropped off a huge box full of toys for the kids)



This is what it's all about for me.