Christmas season happenings...

  Here are a few pics of some of what has been going on while we prepare for Christmas.

A get-together at Nonna's.

I don't know if you recognize that guy in the background. Super famous Zio Brent, who appeared in an episode of Beauty and the Beast recently


We are so happy to have made time to go and visit the place where it all began.

Without the constant, steady and optimistic encouragement from everyone at the docs office, we would have abandoned hope long before our dreams came true. They stayed the course and made such an extremely difficult and mind altering time, both before and during the pregnancy, so much easier to tolerate. We had the best team a couple could ask for. They watched out for not only me, but our little nugget too. We always felt at ease knowing that these people were in our corner. Our gratitude is endless...infinity even. We will forever be in their debt. We cherish the relationship we now have. It was born out of blood, sweat and tears (literally).

Note: We were at the office for 45 minutes and this lovely lady didn't put Hazel down once, AND she kept working!!!




Hazel got her first ever annual Christmas dress from Mim. Mim has been buying the girls their dresses since Stella was born. I was so excited to finally have one for our baby girl. The dress is gorgeous!!!

Thank you so much Mim. You put so much effort into making sure the dress is absolutely perfect, and you haven't failed to deliver. I can't wait to see what my girl looks like when she is all dressed and ready for Santa. We love you!!!

(The rest of you will have to wait until she wears the dress to see pics of it. Here are a few of her opening the gift.)




So we all got sidetracked by this poinsettia. Can you blame us???