Carter and Ella goin' strong!!!

Part 3 of the visit to London post...finally!!! Hello Ella. My how you have grown...

Hazel finally got to meet precious little Ella.

They sat and played...rolled and talked. Ella was a very gracious host, allowing Hazel to play with all her toys. It was so great to meet Ella and Jen. We compared notes about how amazing our strong little babies are doing after facing open heart surgery. We shared feelings of pride. We talked about how hard past times were and, most importantly, we talked about hope for the future. With healthy, happy little babies, the possibilities are endless.

These pics are TOO MUCH!!!

And we met Ella's cat.

Also, we got to meet up with Baby Carter. He is also doing well after his surgery. Unfortunately, our visit was very short (between doctors appointments for both of us). We still managed to get some snuggles in.

My heart is so happy when I am around kids like Carter, Ella and Hazel. They have faced (and overcome) so much already. Yet, they are happy, healthy, thriving little people. What's not to love!!!


Thanks Alysha and Dakota for the yummy homemade cookies. I am not going to say what happened with it's leg.

What I will say is, it was a long car ride home and I may have felt like I was James Franco in the movie 127 Hours and well...use your imagination. The cookie is lucky it survived at all...right?