Ella Update!!!

I have been talking on and off with Ella's mom, trying to give them time to heal and get through the difficult times that were, and are, still upon them. What has amazed me, consistently, is the fact that they are doing wonderful. Ella is nothing short of amazing and is doing everything she can to get better, and quickly. Despite a minor set back during the surgery, Ella is recovering without fail. Before her surgery she was taking all her feeds through an NG tube. Already the tube is gone!!! She is taking all her bottles orally. Once Ella decided that the tube was not necessary and she hasn't looked back. Her parents could not be more thrilled. She now weights 11lbs 4 oz and is 59cms long.

Here is a note from her mom:

So now we are enjoying being back at home, enjoying our new and improved Ella. Our challenge these days is ensuring she continues to take things easy for the next couple weeks while she recovers. A little tricky, considering she has so much energy now! But she is back to her normal routine of eating, playing, more playing, watching the pets, chatting, and the occasional nap. You would never know she had open heart surgery less than 2 weeks ago. Amazing. Have I mentioned that yet?

Once again we would like to thank everyone for your messages, thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, and help during Ella's surgery. She is so lucky to have many, many people looking out for her!

I think what has amazed both Jen and I is the "new normal" our lives have become. Our daughters are truly happy. They love to eat and it doesn't take all the energy they can muster to fill their bellies. We both thought they were happy before, but after...well, after is another gift entirely. There is NOTHING a parent wants more then to see their child happy.

Before the surgery you are so busy worrying about everything, how much they are eating or sleeping, trying not to let them get sick, trying to make sure they gain weight and thrive, and most importantly trying to keep them happy. Without the surgery hanging over our heads, the feeling of true relief is unexplainable. We are so elated for Ella and her family. Enjoy your new "normal" with a happy and healthy little baby girl!!!