Rolling Over???

Now that Hazel is feeling up to it and she has no restrictions on movement, we have been getting back into physio. Hazel rolled over for the first time a while ago, and then continued to do so until she had the motion perfected. She could cover quite a bit of ground pretty quickly before her surgery. Now that she has been laying on her back for the better part of six weeks, she has become, let's say "comfortable" with remaining on her back at all times. We are often met with resistance when we put her on her tummy to strengthen her neck and chest muscles. We have been putting her in her Bumbo chair (rest assured it is not on the kitchen counter and she is not unattended while she is in it) to practice sitting up. It has been doing a great job helping her to gain her neck control back.

As you can see she is capable of holding herself up... I can never understand why she gets so upset...she DOES know how to roll over...but why should she...right???