Post VSD Surgery Day 2

Hazel, in her true form, is doing remarkably well for being out of surgery for only two days. Today she was put in her own room where she will continue to rest and eat until she is strong enough to come home. We have heard repeatedly that she is doing amazing from all the staff here. She is eating regularly, although is still pretty tired. She has lost almost all her extra wires and tubes. She still has to lose a couple of IV lines that are just there as a precaution and her pace maker wires. If all goes well maybe she will be wire free by tomorrow sometime. She wouldn't tolerate a feeding tube even for a couple of hours. Flash backs from London. I gotta say I was pretty pleased about that!!! In order to get home, Hazel has to continue to eat and breathe on her own, seems simple! For now, she is sleeping a lot because of all the drugs, which is exactly what she needs to do to heal. We are giving her time to do her thing, as we fully trust that she knows what is best for her and is capable of delivering. She makes this experience so much easier for us to bare because she handles it with such grace and determination. Here we are again and I can not stop myself from thinking that she is the strongest person I know. Bless her heart (pun intended).

Is there a more perfect match than this???