Look Again Mom...no tube...this time I didn't pull it out!!!

Here we are again presenting another challenge to Hazel. Since she kept pulling out her tube we thought we would keep it out and see if she could orally eat all of her meals. Now that she is 5 weeks old and 6lbs 11 ounces, she is a big girl and seems more earger to eat. She also spends more time awake during the day. Actually, she is VERY nosy and likes to check out who is coming and going at all times. Now keep in mind that this is just an experiment, another challenge, if you will. We really were not sure how she would do with this since she usually needs at least one of her full feeds still in a tube. I am convinced that she knows that she will get tube fed and chooses to be lazy about eating. She is a very bright little girl. Who wouldn't want to be tube fed if they could get a couple extra hours sleep. I know I would for sure, especially now.

The verdict is that she has taken every single meal in the last 24 hours orally. That is the most she has ever done and yet again has managed to shock the nurses and make her parents very proud. We are hoping that she will continue on this path as we take it one meal at a time. She will continue to set the pace and we will be here to support her.

Here is hoping that she continues to have the stamina to eat orally so that we can come home.