2 Weeks Old Already!!!!

Hazel is getting bigger and stronger everyday. We are continuing to feed her a little more each day and she is tolerating it very well. She is working very hard to eat straight from the source, although it still tires her out quite a bit, but, every time we try she gets more and more. She is now almost up to 5 & 1/2 lbs. We are very pleased that she passed her infant hearing test and will be able to listen to our terrible voices serenading her to sleep at night. Lucky Hazel!!!  

We are still in the process of meeting with the physical therapist to see what we can do to help Hazel with her muscle tone, but so far she was very pleased to see how strong she is already. The cardiologist is going to monitor her heart condition very closely to try to avoid surgical intervention until she is 6 months old. This heart condition causes Hazel to burn more calories when she is eating than she can afford but we will watch her closely and make sure she is getting what she needs to continue to get chubby.


Overall, it has been another fantastic week of growth. Hazel is meeting and exceeding all the expectations and still making her parents very proud. She had her first bath this week and was not too thrilled about it. She was a red hot mess!!! By the second bath with her daddy (after peeing on him and pooping on me AND pooping in her bath water) she thought it was great and fell asleep while getting pampered. Enjoy the pictures!!! We enjoy living every single one of these moments with her and can't wait for what is next.