A Vita Victory

By some miracle Tiff from Vita Photography managed to work some serious magic and capture all these beautiful photos. I've said it many times before and I am saying it again. Her work is perfection. She gets it. She gives you all of those things that you never want to forget. Even though Hazel was having a fit because we wanted her to walk east and she wanted to walk west. We wanted her to stand and she wanted to sit. We wanted her to sit here and she wanted to sit 2 feet to the left or right (just over enough to be out of the frame). Yet, she still manages to produce works of art that I will treasure forever.

She gave us this...







And these...







And her...

















This pic makes me DIE every time. If you only knew how much we are not the couple to kiss for the camera. Yet, here we are doing it and it could NOT be more perfect. Matt and I are laughing cause we feel silly. He is looking at Hazel. She is looking at him with kissy lips of her own. Nola just finds the thing amusing. It's just perfect, in my opinion.



And then these last few that are nothing short of works of art...






Seeing the finished product from these busy photo shoots always leaves me exploding with excitement and emotion. Tiff really is the best guys, CALL HER!!!!!

Sneak Peek (plus an early Happy Friday)

WE HAD A PHOTO SHOOT!!!!! Another Vita Photography miracle. I will share more soon but for now here is a sneak peek. And seeing as I am heading to Nashville before the sun wakes up tomorrow (ya I am, y'all!!!!) this will have to do as an early Happy Friday too.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Something tells me I will...



Giddy Up!!!


Nola's Baptism


The day was perfect in every way. Turns out I love baptisms! It was exciting to plan. I was honored to be able to celebrate my girl's marriage into the Church with all our family and close friends. It's the only one of her weddings that I have total control over. So I took advantage.

PicMonkey Collage6

PicMonkey Collage9


Let me mention now that Vita Photography is yet again responsible for capturing all the perfect moments and details of this day that I don't want to forget. If you are in the local area, you need to book with her!!!! The pics are always amazing in every way.

PicMonkey Collage7

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage8


Proud Godparents...

PicMonkey Collage



Love these...

PicMonkey Collage3


Nola was very interested to see who was putting water on her head. By the third time the priest poured it on her, she just had to turn to see what was going on. She had us all smiling.




Family shots...

PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage5

PicMonkey Collage10




Nola and Nonna B. Nonna B completely outdid herself again making the gorgeous dress Nola is wearing. No pattern, no measuring, only one fitting and perfect. We are all spoiled to have her. Also, shes almost 80. Seriously!!!

Love you, Nonna B!!!



These next 2 are what is currently making my life.

My girls...



My family... I heart them!



Perfect day spent with perfect people, honoring the most perfect little girl and her relationship with God.

Happy Days


A Bit of Perfection

Be still my beating heart!!! Nola2

I hope that if you are looking at these you are sure you don't want any more babies. These newborn pics of Nola, by Vita Photography, make ME wanna have another baby. And anyone who has had a baby knows just how absurd the thought of having another this quickly is. I am not saying my baby is the cutest (although I do tend to lean that way), I am saying that Tiffany just has this elegant way of preserving the beauty of a new little life.

Vita, Vita, Vita...

What can I say? Again you captured moments that I never want to forget. This sweet babe has grown so fast. I frequently look back at these photos with a big smile and fond memory of exactly how she was those first few days after we met.





She's so cozy on her Bellalulubaby Blanket...










I never wanna forget the way she feels all squishy and warm cuddled up on my chest. NEVER.


Mad INSANE Love for Vita!!!

v Let me start by saying that I am not a "photo shoot" kind of gal. For Hazel - YES. For me - NO! Even a family shoot is a little out of my comfort zone. But when you see images like this...sigh.

about us


Forget maternity shots!!! And yet I agreed...because...well...


PicMonkey Collage



I know that these moments pass by all to quickly and all we are left with is vague memories. Memories that hopefully include certain scents, a significant sound, or a special place which help us access our past and try to remember everything about that time period.

I find myself staring at Hazel more often than not, taking mental notes on the way she throws her head back and pretends to laugh...



Or the way she makes a pouty little face accompanied by a pouty little sound, which to the best of my knowledge, means she wants a hug.



The way I ask her for a hug, she rests her face on my shoulder and wraps her arms around my neck. When in position, she lets out this little, ever so silent sigh, almost like a breath. It's like she's been waiting forever to be just there, right where she is, perched on my shoulder.

PicMonkey Collage1


Or the way she says, "That's it!" with the accompanying hand motion (like an umpire calling someone safe at home plate after a HUGE play in the game. It's all very dramatic).



Or how she wants to be free to roam around and explore the world...



The way her knees are just starting to lift and bend when she walks. How she still enjoys a good session of the bear walk every now and again (when she wants to go really fast).



I make note of how she feels, smells and eats the grass, mulch, dirt, and basil plants just to see how it feels in her hands and on her tongue.




How excited she gets when I pull the bubbles out. Her face when she sees her daddy. His face when he sees her...



How she would sit and read with us all day. How she would sing and sign, the "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Wheels on the Bus" and "5 Little Ducks" with us after the books were put away.



I could go on and on AND ON. Those are some of the things I don't ever want to forget.

And we always think we won't forget, don't we? But we do. Maybe not fully but the memories fade, we keep what we can in our hearts and heads and move on to try and store new memories.

My point...

This is why I love Vita Photography.

Tiffany gives me all of this to hold on to. She captures all those moments and special little qualities that make Hazel, Hazel.



She gives real life documents of the moments that make us, US. Our family.




I look at the photos and I know what Hazel was doing in each one of them. I know what sound she was making. I know how her body was moving. I know if she was over it and wanted nothing to do with getting that photo done. Also, the times that she was laughing so hard with her daddy that we couldn't help but all laugh together.





I don't know about you but I NEVER want to get my family photos done any other way.




Check out Vita Photography here. Tiff truly has a passion for her job and is able to capture all the beautiful, unique traits that make your family, YOURS.

Sharing LOTS of love today!


A perfect photo session

Here are the rest of our pictures from the Vita Photography photo shoot. They are stunning...they take my breath away every time I look at them!!! Good news for those who follow Chasing Hazel...if you mention that you were referred to Vita through the blog, Tiffany has generously agreed to give you a free 11x14 print from your photo session, along with 15% off all additional prints. Click here to contact Vita.

I included both colour and black & white...I COULD NOT decide which ones to show you all, so I chose them ALL!!! Enjoy...

Hazel's Baptism

If you are here everyday for the photos, well this is your lucky day. This post has a ton of photos and most were taken by Vita Photography. A special thank you to Nonna B...you made Hazel the most beautiful gown...gorgeous! Hazel's baptism was the perfect day to celebrate and send her off to her surgery with lots of love and support from friends and family. It was a positive, hopeful day that was much needed and appreciated by Hazel's mommy and daddy. We could not have been happier to look around and see all those present with smiles from ear-to-ear, all wanting to be near Hazel and share in the blessed occasion.

When I look back at these photos, I am awe struck by how much our girl has grown since then. It feels like she is a different baby, so chubby and happy and eats like a little piggy. I never thought that she looked small, but looking at her now its like night and day. We are so happy to see the progress she has made and are thankful to share our content little girl with all of you!!

Thank you to everyone who made this day a very memorable occasion that perfectly honoured Hazel. Your positive energy and generosity carried us through to her surgery and beyond. Amazing!!!

Much Love...

Thank you to Auntie Paula for taking pictures of Hazel's special day too!!!






Venice Dinner Anyone?

You get a little bit of family history with this post. A glimpse into a family trip...

4 years ago we were fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to Italy, which began in Venice. During our stay in Venice, we rented an apartment that we called home. A typical day, in Venice (I'm going to keep saying "in Venice" because I was there and it rocked and it just sounds right!), consisted of walking along the canals...

visiting shops, fighting crowds of tourists in St. Mark's square,

battling the 100 degree weather, eating paninis...

and, at all costs, honoring the beer o'clock rule that began at the airport in Detroit before we even left. Beer o'clock happened whenever anyone in the group declared that it was beer o'clock. The only rule with beer o'clock was that once declared, we had to be sitting and drinking within 10 minutes of the declaration. Simple..in Venice.

By far the most favoured experience, in Venice, (aside from Beer o'clock) was to walk through the ancient Rialto Fish Market. This market has been in existence since 1097 and is still busting at the seams with vendors today. You could spend hours scanning the goodies...the colours, the smells, the language...it's all too much!!! It was here the dinner with the huge tomato began...in Venice.

We had limited items to use in the kitchen, so for dinner one night we made due with the goodies we collected at the fish market and what was available to us at the apartment. It ended with an amazingly perfect meal of spaghetti with a sauteed garlic, butter and shrimp. The salad was simple and consisted of a huge tomato (which fed 7 people and is shown above) topped with some fresh basil and olive oil (every kitchen in Italy is equipped with olive oil).

So this past Labour Day Monday was our 4th annual Venice Dinner. We enjoyed our spaghetti with shrimp and our huge tomato salad. I have made it a mission of mine to grow the biggest heirloom tomatoes I can to honour the one we had in Venice. I have gotten close over the years but nothing quite as big. Nonna B grew the tomatoes this year. We were a little busy with having a baby and surgeries and whatnot...nevertheless the tomatoes we had were delicious. We also had a few new faces this year....Hazel and Monroe.

All these pics below are taken by my favourite photographer Vita...

We look forward to our dinner every year, where we get to be nostalgic, talk about our trip and spend time with each other. Here's to many more Venice Dinner's with the family!!! Hopefully we will have another one of these dinners in Venice again.

We wish we had a pool while in the bustling heat of Venice.



Sneak Peak at Vita Photography's Photo Shoot

Here is a little glimpse of our family photo session that we got done with Vita Photography. The rest will be posted soon and are AMAZING!!! I am not bragging about my family (although we are pretty perfect...I kid), I am bragging about the photographer. When life seems to fly by at a hundred miles an hour, Tiffany really knows how to make it seem like it's standing still. She captures that moment in time that you never want to forget. Her photos are so much more than what you take in with your eyes, they are defined by what they make you feel in your heart. Well done my friend, well done...


First Photo Shoot

We finally had a professional photo shoot done with Hazel this week. As you may know from the fashion show posts, she is not one for posing for the camera. Needless to say I was a bit nervous about her behaviour for the big shoot. As you can see from the final product, she threw me for a loop...again! Just when I think I know her she changes things up. Thanks to Vita Photography for the most beautiful, precious pictures of little Hazel. Also, thanks for getting her to participate so you were able to capture her in a perfect state. Thanks to BellaLuluBaby and Aunt Sharon for the props.

Overall, the session was a huge success where the final product brought tears to my eyes. What a perfect little girl we have been given. Her beauty often brings me to my knees. I am so proud to be able to share this little miracle with all of you. Enjoy!!!