Heart Check Up

I am really not sure how it took me so long to post this update from our last cardiologist apt. Well...hang on...Easter happened, than baptism planning happened, baptism happened (with out of town guests), funeral happened, then a flu bug forced the girls and I to squat at Nonna's house for a couple days. Poor Matt.

Here we are...

All was well according to the heart doc. Hazel is doing even better than he had expected. We finally have visits only once a year. Most importantly, Hazel is always greeted with huge smiles and open arms when she gets her check ups. Love the docs so much!!!



It was really amazing to see a new little person in the office with us this time. It really makes you think how much can change in such a short time. I almost can't stand how much I love that they have each other, especially in a situation like this.



The ride home was filled with PURE JOY! And by pure joy I mean, good tunes, comfy car, good conversation and warm coffee.  (5 minutes before this pic there certainly wasn't pure joy - lot's and lot's of crying - but as soon as that stopped the scene in this pic happened). Bliss!


I know what it looks like, Matt's not sleeping.

Happy Thursday

Last Visit to the Cardiologist

While we are still adjusting to our new home life, new routines, and new roles I have this update from last month. I hope to get some pics of the girls up on the blog soon! *************************************************************************************************

Just a quick update on our last visit to London. It was in early October, but you know how things are - time is flying. Hazel had just turned 20 months. She weighed in at a whopping 26 lbs and 33 inches. It is almost unbelievable to think that at some point she was only 4 lbs.

She received another glowing report from the cardiologist and his staff. She is always putting on the smiles and blowing kisses to them just to make sure they eat out of her hand (like they weren't already). They adore her, and we adore them. We have come to know them all so well and respect how well they have taken care of our girl. She really likes the tech who does the ultrasound on her, all holding his fingers and whatnot. LOVE IT!




And of course we try to NEVER miss an opportunity to see our NICU fwends.


All of which are getting so big and active. We certainly weren't sitting on the blanket having a nice quiet picnic this time around. More like trying to maintain a zone defense and make sure to keep all our littles corralled on the playground.







Love these little trips so much...

Sadly we missed out on seeing our other 2 little fwends, Carter and Ella. Hope to see them soon!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Here we are again, going into another long weekend. We are trying to soak up as much family time as we can before routines and schedules are a little harder to hide from. There is definitely some Baby #2 prep happening. She's gonna be here before we know it.

We decided to make Hazel a little girl room just for her. So we are going to start that VERY soon (no we haven't started yet....don't judge us).


In other health related news...

Hazel had her 18 month doctors apt and she's now 24 lbs 13 oz and 32.5 inches long. Every time I look at her in her crib these days, she doesn't look like a baby anymore. I feel like she fills the whole thing up.



Thanks Auntie Paula for the pics this week!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!


Extrememly-Happy-Amazingly-Proud Friday!!!

We are so extra happy today on this Friday because it marks a year since Hazel's heart surgery. It feels like a moment ago that we were all in Toronto waiting for the big event. If it weren't for the people in this entourage below (and many others), I think I may have jumped off the CN Tower.



It feels like a moment ago that we were so helpless. We could do nothing to change the fate for our girl. She had to take her troops to battle and we had to be there with our armour on.



We sang to her when she wanted to be sang to, we fed her when she wanted to eat, we rocked her and rocked her when she needed to be consoled. We tried our best to make it through with everyone all in one piece.



We kissed, hugged, and cried. And then we started again.



These days, if you look real close, you can still see the scar on her chest. It lays there as a reminder of her fight. It doesn't define her. It doesn't hinder her. It doesn't hold her back or prevent her from getting what she wants.

It frees her.

It's a sign of her strength, her will and her determination to make this "one and only wild and crazy life" the best that it can be. Not only for herself, but for us. Especially for us. She may be the one who bares the scars, but we are the ones who have been mended. We are the ones who are healed.

One year later....

We, literally, could NOT love her more.




Happy Friday indeed!!!


"Oh Lawd Jesus There's a Fire"

We have been super lucky with Hazel over the last year, sickness-wise. Yesterday was the first time that we have ever had to bring her to the clinic for a cold or virus. She got a mild cough about a week ago that just seemed like it wasn't going away or getting any better. Hazel was in great spirits, sleeping well and just seemed like herself so we didn't worry. Anyway, we brought her in just to be sure and the doctor said she had bronchitis. No big deal, just some anti-biotic and she will be as good as new.

So, Why am I telling you this?

The reason is that this video that I have posted has completely and utterly made it impossible for me to hear the word "bronchitis" with out giggling out loud, just a bit. If you haven't seen Sweet Brown describe a small local fire at her neighbours house then you need to watch. Her accent, her description, her personality. I LOVE IT ALL!!! She is hilarious.



Click here if having trouble viewing the video


Let's just say, when Matt came out from talking to the doctor and he told me she had "Bronchiiiiiiiiiiiitis" in a Sweet Brown accent (after we chuckled), I was glad I wasn't the one who had to keep a straight face with the doctor.

I just want to say that I, in NO way think that a house fire is funny, or anyone who has to deal with bronchitis, or the fact that my daughter has it (I feel for her...really I do). I just really enjoy Sweet Brown's description is all. I hope you get a chuckle out of it as well (not that Hazel has bronchitis - or house fires - or anyone else who has it - but the video - ok - have I said too much?).


Ain't nobody got time for that!


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PicMonkey Collage



Update from London & Happy Friday!!!

We had a visit to the cardiologist and pediatrician this week. It's been a busy one. 15 months already!!!  


The cardiologist in London is extremely happy with Hazel. He is always very excited to see how big she is getting, how much she's changed and just how healthy and happy she looks. Hazel weights 23.5 lbs and is 31 inches long. She is getting so big!!! She spent the visit smiling, waving and blowing kisses to the whole staff, so I'm pretty sure by their laughter and smiles they were quite smitten as well.

We have been blessed with the doctors that Hazel has advocating and watching over her. Our cardiologist (and the staff) genuinely cares for Hazel and we can tell by the way he looks at her. That really is all a parent can ask for. The doctor to CARE about their child. It seems as though he treats her like she's his own, it's like he's protective over her. LOVE!!!

The last thing he said to us was that seeing Hazel made his day. Until next time...





Gratitude & Love



March Round Up

Well March just flew by, just like January and February. Crazy!!!  

Hazel has been hard at work, doin' her thang, bein' a baby. She is rarely sitting these days (or rarely sitting still). We officially have the baby gate up now. She may or may not have been sitting at the gate, hands on the rungs, looking through at me, shaking it violently. Y'all know how it is??? (If you follow our IG feed you already know what I am sayin')

Biggest news for Hazel this month:







Lots of this happening...always.



Hazel spent time with Nana. They shared stories and smiles. They laughed and played. So cute!!!



We had a very special visit with Hazel's very first fwends.

The twins that joined Hazel in the same pod in the NICU came for a sleep-over. As we all sat at dinner eating, drinking, talking, and laughing (where there were 3 highchairs all at one table). Holly and I had that mother-to-mother look on our faces that just begged the obvious to be said.

"Look how far we have all come!" "Look how much has changed!"


We sat there talking about what our girls are eating, how much they sleep, how much milk they drink and what they like to play with. While, a little over a year ago, we were racing against the unforgiving "pumping" clock, talking about what nurses were in that day, how many milliliters our girls got tube fed, how tired we were and how many more days until we could all take our babies home.

1 short (quick) year has brought with it an immeasurable amount of wonderful change!











And last but not least...

Happy 10th Birthday Stella.

Can't believe you have been around for 10 years already!!! You are growing way to quickly and taking your sisters with you. Please leave Hazel as she is. She's not allowed to be 10. We are very strict in this house.

We love you!!!

(PS...I love you even more that you had an ice cream cake)




Welcoming April with open arms...



The Docs in London

This is only Part 1 of a 3 part post about our visit to London last week (I will get the other 2 up soon). We had a very busy couple of days and I can't wait to share the festivities with you all. For today I will cut to the chase and give you an update on Hazel's health London Style!!!

The doctor walked in the room, yet again, and stopped dead in his tracks to clap his hands together and praise how amazing Hazel looked. His smile is always one of awe as he looks back and forth between Matt, Hazel and I. I can tell you it is contagious. We all are just standing there, staring and smiling, at how healthy and happy Hazel is.

Drum roll please........she weights 19 lbs 8 oz and is 28 inches long. She is completely off the charts for weight now, like completely off!!! So, I expressed a tiny bit of concern that maybe she was putting on too much weight now. Let's just say that if the doctor could have laughed in my face, he would have. She is growing perfectly. He could not be more impressed.

Hazel's doing amazing!!! We don't have to go back for 6 months. We stopped in to see Auntie Cheryl (one of her NICU nurses) and she could not get over how big Hazel is now. She did offer to take her home. So we got it in writing for the next time Matt and I want to go on vacation...I kid. We will miss not seeing the nurses for the next 6 months but look forward to reveling in Hazel's growth the next time we see them.


Liberace made an appearance in the waiting room.

Crowds swooned, women were throwing roses and phone numbers...it was a bit embarrassing but we got through it. Halloween was in October Hazel!!!

Have a great day


Ella Update!!!

I have been talking on and off with Ella's mom, trying to give them time to heal and get through the difficult times that were, and are, still upon them. What has amazed me, consistently, is the fact that they are doing wonderful. Ella is nothing short of amazing and is doing everything she can to get better, and quickly. Despite a minor set back during the surgery, Ella is recovering without fail. Before her surgery she was taking all her feeds through an NG tube. Already the tube is gone!!! She is taking all her bottles orally. Once Ella decided that the tube was not necessary and she hasn't looked back. Her parents could not be more thrilled. She now weights 11lbs 4 oz and is 59cms long.

Here is a note from her mom:

So now we are enjoying being back at home, enjoying our new and improved Ella. Our challenge these days is ensuring she continues to take things easy for the next couple weeks while she recovers. A little tricky, considering she has so much energy now! But she is back to her normal routine of eating, playing, more playing, watching the pets, chatting, and the occasional nap. You would never know she had open heart surgery less than 2 weeks ago. Amazing. Have I mentioned that yet?

Once again we would like to thank everyone for your messages, thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, and help during Ella's surgery. She is so lucky to have many, many people looking out for her!

I think what has amazed both Jen and I is the "new normal" our lives have become. Our daughters are truly happy. They love to eat and it doesn't take all the energy they can muster to fill their bellies. We both thought they were happy before, but after...well, after is another gift entirely. There is NOTHING a parent wants more then to see their child happy.

Before the surgery you are so busy worrying about everything, how much they are eating or sleeping, trying not to let them get sick, trying to make sure they gain weight and thrive, and most importantly trying to keep them happy. Without the surgery hanging over our heads, the feeling of true relief is unexplainable. We are so elated for Ella and her family. Enjoy your new "normal" with a happy and healthy little baby girl!!!

Verdict from London this time was...

Hazel is doing amazing!!!

When the doctor came in to do her check up, he began by asking us how things were going, while he was looking over her chart. No real eye contact was made for the first few seconds of the appointment, not really getting a good look at Hazel. Just as he was asking about how much weight she had gained, while simultaneously looking at the chart to check, his head turned in a way we could only see the side profile of his face. We could subtly detect the beginning of the huge grin that was about to land on his face. Then he looked up and made eye contact...it was then that we saw a big ol' teeth baring, head nodding, hands clapped together look on his face that could only express his pure and utter amazement with our baby girl.

He was astounded by the rapid weight gain, going from 11 lbs 8 oz before her surgery to 15 lbs 14 oz just 8 weeks later. That is a 4 lbs 6 oz gain, which is 40% of her entire body weight pre-surgery. She is now in the 90th percentile for both weight and height. A long ways away from the 10th percentile she was in before. It was evident then, that all the effort and focus she has been putting into eating has paid off (and girl can eat!!!).

Going through the experience of the VSD surgery was the most difficult thing we have had to deal with as parents (so far). We have had so many challenges, so early on in our role as parents. It would have been nice to be able to be a little more seasoned, a little less green while dealing with all of these arduous tasks. It's a good thing that Hazel doesn't have a check list in her journal that she uses to compare us to other parents she comes across. That being said, we could not be happier with the results, and would do it again in a second if it meant that Hazel would be this content and happy afterwards.

What a relief...the doctor is not worried...we are not worried...amen!!!

We even had time to stop in to NICU and visit Auntie Cheryl. They were both delighted to see each other. Smiles all around....yes...even from Hazel.


What to Expect for Your Child's VSD Surgery

Here is what we experienced during and after our daughters VSD surgery in Toronto at Sick Kids Hospital. I just want to make a note that this was our experience and may not necessarily be yours. I know that I have some readers that may find themselves having a similar surgery at the same hospital, so this is mainly for you and your little ones. First, the surgeons and the surgical teams are great at their jobs. That said, we found that some do not have great bed side manner. Meaning you may not feel warm and fuzzy throughout the process. What you may feel is that they are there to get the job done, done well and done quickly. We felt that it was more of a production line or revolving door of patients who are in need. We do understand that Sick Kids is a place that is very much in demand and sought after in order to help many kids that are in need and they do their best to help as many as possible. It's just that this quick turn around leaves little time for pleasantries. Those of you who stayed in London, might not experience that same love from the staff at Sick Kids. However, again they are great at getting the job done, which is the most important part.

Hazel was in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit for Day 1 and Day 2 after surgery where she had one-on-one care from excellent nurses. Again, no warm and fuzzy feeling from them, but they did their jobs well and made sure Hazel was stable post op. When we saw her for the first time she was really drugged up and out of it. She had a central line in her neck, an IV in her foot, ventilation tube in her mouth, a feeding tube in her nose, two drainage tubes in her chest, plus the big scar. All of this the nurse will go over with you in the Pre-Op apt a couple of days before.

On Day 3 and Day 4, Hazel then went into a private room on the floor. Here is where things got more difficult. The care is no longer one-to-one, so we could never leave Hazel's side. One of us had to be there always, which got tricky because there really is only room for one parent to sleep on the couch (they will pull a cot in for you for the second parent if you want). We were staying at the Ronald McDonald House which is about a 5-7 minute walk from the hospital in downtown TO. Not really safe to walk alone at night. Matt had to walk me back and we would have to make sure the nurses watched Hazel while we were gone. RMH is in a good location and very affordable ($15 per night). I hear they book up fast so we got lucky and were able to stay there. I might have a back up plan just in case. The Delta Chelsea is close by and offers rates for Sick Kids, also there is Super 8, I believe.

Physically, Hazel was still in a lot of pain. Here is where you really have to advocate for your child. You know them best and the nurses are pretty good about listening to your needs. Since Hazel was on Morphine and Tylenol for her pain, she experienced trouble with her bowels. The nurses put her on PEG, a stool softener. She was also on Lasiks to help her eliminate fluids, which babies can retain after being on bypass and having surgery. She did need a blood transfusion in the operation which is very common for this type of surgery.

At discharge on Day 5 from the hospital, Hazel was on Tylenol for pain, Advil for the infusion around her heart (also normal after surgery and it corrected itself in about a week), PEG, and Lasiks. Once home, Hazel appeared to be more uncomfortable. She was crying non-stop and was inconsolable at times. Bringing her to the pediatrician and calling London, we figured out that Sick Kids did not give her the appropriate dosage of Tylenol or Advil. Also, we were given morphine to help her as well. It helped a little bit but still she was in a lot of pain. A trip to the ER in Windsor, were she had x-rays done, showed that she DID NOT have blockage in her bowels and therefore the PEG was having the adverse affect on her, causing her great discomfort. For us, this pain was the worst of it. We didn't expect her to be like this at home so it was a shock. Come to find out that Sick Kids may have told us to keep giving her the PEG just because sometime kids with Down Syndrome have problems with their bowels. Fair enough, but Hazel is not one of those kids. We may have avoided some undue pain for our daughter had they simply asked us if she was one of those kids or not.

So here is where I caution you, especially if your child has Down Syndrome. ALL kids with Down Syndrome are NOT the same and I feel that the medical profession sometimes thinks that they are (I believe that this probably happens with all children, even those who do not have T21). If I could go back and do it again I would ask tons of questions. Why should my daughter take this? Could you be generalizing because she has T 21? Just beware, you know your child the best and don't assume the nurses and doctors know that your child needs something just based on them having T 21.

Just to be clear I am in no way saying that Sick Kids can't and won't get the job done well. We are very thankful for the work they did to help Hazel and will be forever grateful for helping put her heart issue behind us.  I am saying that taking the team approach to healing seemed to work the best. Their suggestions, based on your knowledge is a great strategy to helping your little one heal. Don't forget to ask questions!!! If there are any questions I can answer, leave a comment on the blog or e-mail me and I will try to answer with the knowledge we gained from our own experiences.

Hazel has never been better and the surgery helped her so much with feeding, breathing and general comfort. She is much more relaxed and happy since the hole has been fixed. The scar healed fast and really didn't cause her too much pain. However, she has had a hard time sleeping for long periods of time at night since we have been home. She is like  newborn again. Sleeping for a few hours and waking to eat or with sore tummy. Not sure if this is normal behaviour after a surgery, but it has proven to be challenging for all of us. I thought we were done with the newborn stage!!!

Hopefully this information is helpful to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation as our family. Good luck to anyone who may have to undergo such a surgery, or who knows a loved one who will. The procedure is straight forward and Sick Kids does it right!!!

Home Sweet Home...Again

We are finally home with Hazel (after having her VSD repair), from what seemed like a nightmare that was never going to end. She is still not 100% which is very difficult for all three of us. The best way I can describe it is, we feel like first time parents that have just brought their newborn home. Except our newborn has had open heart surgery, where there is a 6 to 8 inch incision on her chest, that bares wounds under it that only she can feel. We aren't quite sure what she is crying about, when she is crying. It's either her incision hurts, her teeth, her belly, her bum, shes hungry, she's tired...it's so hard to tell. So, we just go through the list and try to keep her as comfortable as possible. It is very difficult to console her when it is impossible to pick her up and snuggle her without it being uncomfortable for her. I thought the hospital stay was the hardest part but turns out, this is worse.

There are no words for how hard it is to look at your little baby, who is normally so happy and content, see the utter despair in her face and not be able to fix it for her. It breaks my heart to think that she is in pain and we can't do anything to make it go away. I am convinced that this is one of the hardest experiences in the world to face.

The good news is that we are in the comfort of our own home...I am not going to pretend that I didn't panic and take her to the peadiatrition today...but we are HOME!!! The other bit of positivity that I can share about all this, is that Hazel after a 2 hour crying fit, finally snapped out of it long enough to look up at me and actually laugh out loud. I didn't know whether to start crying myself or laugh along with her...so I laughed along with her!!!

Here is Hazel's reunion with Elephant. We brought Cow with us to Toronto, but you could just tell that Cow could not take the place of Elephant. Daddy held Elephant up for Hazel today and she immediately got this look of love in her eyes and smiled big. Then she began to tell her painstaking tale to her long lost friend...


Post VSD Surgery Day 4 - Battle Bowel

Hazel had a rough night last night due to her bowels being backed up. All the drugs have certainly taken a toll on her little body. She barely slept and was pretty much inconsolable all night. It made for a long, sleepless, tearful (hers and mine) night. Nothing worse than not being able to fix your baby when they are broken. Today, however, Hazel has had a great day! She seems to be feeling more like herself, offering daddy a smile FINALLY!! First time since I passed her to the anesthetist who took her into the OR. She had her Eco this morning and the results came back fine. She needs time to heal but there is no reason to believe that the surgery wasn't success. She has some inflammation around the sac of her heart but that will repair over time with some help from anti inflammatory. Very normal with this type of surgery.

So we continue to work on her tummy. Once it is in order we can go home. YAY!!! Tomorrow should be the day. Can't wait to have her back in her own crib.

Post VSD Surgery Day 3- The nurses had a plan...

Well we all know how Hazel likes when the nurses have "a plan"!!! I came in this morning for my shift at the bedside with Hazel, after her daddy spent all night with her, to find that she had kicked out the IV line in her foot, so it could no longer be used. The nurses came in and had to take out that IV line right away. And because Hazel loves having people poke and prod her, she immediately went into quite a state of rage. To give you a good idea of what this scenario looked like, it was myself and 2 nurses holding Hazel down. Again, she must have forgotten that she had Down Syndrome. Once completed with that task, they looked at the central line that was in her neck, as they needed to take more blood. Somehow, Miss Hazel, had pulled that one out as well!!! So they had no choice but to take that one out too. Hazel continued kicking and screaming the whole time.

On the way out the door the nurse looked at me and said, "well...I did have a plan when I started my shift, and that wasn't it!!" Ahhhhh, that's where she went wrong. Hazel doesn't do "plans"!!!

Needless to say, Hazel's IV lines have been pulled, one step closer to going home. Her pacing wires are also out, because why not? All her medications have been reduced and after her Echo tomorrow, they will see if she is ready to be discharged. Hoping all goes well and we will be over this hurdle soon too.

Post VSD Surgery Day 2

Hazel, in her true form, is doing remarkably well for being out of surgery for only two days. Today she was put in her own room where she will continue to rest and eat until she is strong enough to come home. We have heard repeatedly that she is doing amazing from all the staff here. She is eating regularly, although is still pretty tired. She has lost almost all her extra wires and tubes. She still has to lose a couple of IV lines that are just there as a precaution and her pace maker wires. If all goes well maybe she will be wire free by tomorrow sometime. She wouldn't tolerate a feeding tube even for a couple of hours. Flash backs from London. I gotta say I was pretty pleased about that!!! In order to get home, Hazel has to continue to eat and breathe on her own, seems simple! For now, she is sleeping a lot because of all the drugs, which is exactly what she needs to do to heal. We are giving her time to do her thing, as we fully trust that she knows what is best for her and is capable of delivering. She makes this experience so much easier for us to bare because she handles it with such grace and determination. Here we are again and I can not stop myself from thinking that she is the strongest person I know. Bless her heart (pun intended).

Is there a more perfect match than this???

Post VSD Surgery Day 1

Hazel is doing well. The surgery went as expected with a VSD repair and a small resection of muscle growth on the right side of her heart. No complications arose while she was in surgery. Everything went according to plan. Her heart is beating regularly and  will be closely monitored for the next few days. The surgeon couldn't have been more bored while describing the details of the surgery. We couldn't have been happier about his boredom! Hazel is resting in the ICU. She had a slight fever last night, which is normal for this kind of surgery. It has since stabilized. They have discontinued the morphine drip to allow her to be more alert and start to eat. She is moving and kicking constantly and is tied down to the bed for her own safety. If we did this at home someone would call child services on us! She may be moved to a ward room soon as her demands for care decrease.

For now we are just giving her time to heal and rest. Lots of kisses for now!!! Thanks again for the prayers and support.

Day 3 and 4-When in Toronto...

Well when life gives you lemons... Since we are in Toronto anyway, and almost our entire families are here as well, we decided to take in a few sights, do a little shopping and have a few meals on a patio or two. Hazel is always making excuses for us to stop and enjoy the present moment and this has been no different. Although there is a very serious surgery coming tomorrow, today we have a whole day to embrace our friends and families and enjoy that they have all taken time out of their busy lives to be right by her side and support her ever step of the way. Between having a huge support system present and all the thoughts and prayers of our readers, Hazel should be all set!!!!

A funny story...

We were at a Chinese restaurant having some Dim Sum, of course, we had Hazel with us. She was a very good girl who spent most of the time sleeping. Towards the end of the meal she woke up and we took her out of the bassinet just as the little old Chinese waiter came to clear the table. He looked at Hazel, then at Matt and I, then back at Hazel. This went on for longer then was appropriate and you could tell, something wasn't adding up for him. So he says, "Oh she is so cute!! She looks like she could be Chinese!!!" Then he looked at us as if we needed to give him an explanation. So then in all my infinite wisdom I say, "Nope, that's just the Down Syndrome!!!" We all shared a laugh, although I am still not quite sure he understood what I was saying.

...hey make lemonade!!!!


The pic above is of Hazel's Entourage today in Toronto!

Day 1 - The drive had its ups and downs...

So we started out and all was well with Hazel...

But as we know she can be a bit temperamental...

She started to get a little upset...

And continued until she was in quite a state...it ended in tears for one of us

Later that afternoon, after checking into the Ronald McDonald House Hazel and I sat down to have a talk...she said to me, "so about that car ride earlier...lets just forget it happened?"

Hazel hates when we are upset, so she was pretty happy to be forgiven for the screaming in the car...as you can see! Over all the day ended well...a few meltdowns to speak of for Hazel today but who can blame her...we did make her sit IN her car seat for the entire ride...how dare we!!!

Heading to Toronto...

Today is the beginning of a very challenging week for Hazel. We are heading to Toronto where Hazel will begin the process of getting her heart surgery. She is going to have several long days ahead. Most of which I hope she sleeps. Fingers crossed. Here are some pictures of her from this past week. She is always getting into something!!!

If she would just sit still for a second this wouldn't happen...

Not sure if you can tell but she is being very vocal about something in this picture...and I don't think she's happy...

Hazel and elephant often discuss current events, the weather, celebrity gossip, sports highlights...anything really!!!