Happy Friday!!

Alas a Friday post!!! Don't think I forgot what I said about September. Yes, I have a birth story ready to go. I have a summer recap and lots of pics to share. BUT as I said I am working on a blog redesign which always comes with some challenges and trials. I'm gonna get it big time for posting this post today, but that's how much I am committed to you.




Hopefully see you next time with a brand new look here on Chasing Hazel and Nola.

Happy Friday

Seeing as though our girl is turning 2 on Monday, I thought I would post this pic of her from when she was EXACTLY 1 year old (to the minute). I can't believe how much she's changed in just 365 days. I miss this little baby Hazel but am enjoying seeing the little girl she is becoming. Even if her most dominant trait at the moment is "stubbornness." It's her way or the highway. I can't for the life of me figure out where she gets that from?




Happy Friday everyone!

Happy Friday (with a little IG on the side)

Good News!!! Hazel's bedroom is all put together and organized. It is not completely done, decor-wise, yet but it is almost fully functional. I will post pics of the "end product" when it is actually the "end product."

Once her room was done, we were able to make progress in the new baby's room too. Very exciting stuff going on around here. The "nesting" process is almost complete and I could not be happier. Looking forward to spending a couple of quiet weeks with my girl and my guy, while we wait for a new level of chaos to ensue.




Here is a catch up on some rather dated IG pics. Follow us at user name Chasing_Hazel. Would love for you to join us. You really do miss a lot when you don't get the captions that go with each pic (I'm pretty funny...I AM! Seriously - Like tell me you don't want to know the caption to the pic 2nd row last on the right)

PicMonkey Collage


Happy Friday Everyone!!! Off to pack a couple of hospital bags...

Happy Friday

Ok... I promise I actually plan on addressing Down Syndrome Awareness Month on the blog. I even have the post almost ready - HA. This week kinda got away from me blog-wise. The nesting however, has become more of a full-on, panic stricken, burning the wick at both ends kind of event around here. And I'm not going to pretend for one second that there have not been "throw your hands in the air and give up" meltdowns and evenings full of feelings of defeat and despair - #keepinitrealyall. Onward, I see the light people. We are close.


In other Friday business...


THIS PIC. This pic has got to be one of my favourites.

I know this smile, this very specific expression, so well. How unbelievable to know another human soul? Without question or doubt, to be able to interpret the slightest head tilt or upturned angel of the lip. I see this same look on her face so often. Everyday.

This look is pure, unadulterated - Contentment.

She just is. She embraces the moment. She is present at all times. Everything is new and fun and gives her joy. This look is how I know my girl is doing just fine. This face is a little gift for me - reassuring ME and reminding ME that everything is just fine.

Here is where I find peace.




Happy Friday Everyone!!!! Let the "nesting-frenzy" continue...


Happy Friday!!!

I know this pic isn't great quality but I LOVE it!!! Hope you are all enjoying your week. Thank you so much to those of you took the time to read our last post about educating other children about Down syndrome. I was so happy to hear from those of you who provided feedback about the new series that I am going to attempt on the blog. I hope I can do it justice and provide you all with some useful resources. Please feel free to share any and all ideas that you have found helpful.

Also, thank you for sharing the image of Hazel on your social media outlets. We really do appreciate all your love and support.




Happy Friday!!!


Happy Friday!!!

So SORRY for the late post.... In the past, Happy Friday has been about giving you something to look at to make you smile. We try to give you a positive image to start your weekends.

This week we will give you something to listen to. Hopefully this will leave you smiling and ready to celebrate another weekend.

Something for your eyes...


Here is a little something for your ears...

(There is no image in this video until the end)

Click here if you are having trouble viewing


Happy Weekend everyone

Love & Peace



Happy New Year Friday!!!

Back to business as usual with a Happy Friday post!!! I am excited to start another year working on Chasing Hazel and quite literally "chasing Hazel!"

Thanks to all our readers and supporters, your love has gotten us through some very challenging and hopeless times over the past year. Your continued loyalty and support has made you all feel like a family. Please know that you are appreciated everyday. Also, feel free to comment on the blog, I would love to know your thoughts!!!

We are moving forward with peace in our hearts and excitement on our minds. You never know what 2013 will bring. I DO know that we have a few things planned that make my heart and mind feel balanced. Year 2 of continuing the Down Syndrome Awareness platform is very exciting. The first year brought so many opportunities, I can hardly wait for this next year!!!

I will keep you updated and included.

Happy New Year everyone!!!