Sneak Peek (plus an early Happy Friday)

WE HAD A PHOTO SHOOT!!!!! Another Vita Photography miracle. I will share more soon but for now here is a sneak peek. And seeing as I am heading to Nashville before the sun wakes up tomorrow (ya I am, y'all!!!!) this will have to do as an early Happy Friday too.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Something tells me I will...



Giddy Up!!!


Happy Friday!

I have no idea how I missed posting this pic? One of my favs for sure. These two...ugh. I can't even deal. fri


Also, on another note. I know that it's Down Syndrome Awareness month.

I do, I swear!

I just feel like I am taking it all in at the moment. There's a lot of buzz about DSAM right now on all my social media channels. IG is a big one. Some mamas out there are doing a beautiful job bringing awareness and recognition to the cause. I may even introduce those here one day soon, so you can follow along too.

To tell you the truth I am not quite sure where I want to head this month. I am still making up my mind. There is a battle between celebrating what has become "normal" for us and still trying to advocate for the cause.

Another truth, I sometimes struggle to see Down syndrome as being a "cause." People who have it, deal with it. Families who live with it, love it. Kids grow and change and spread wings and plant roots and - well - I think you get my point.

Anyhow, I think it's important to continue to educate, learn and watch as these incredible little humans find their way in the world. I guess, trying to breakdown stereotypes is still a very real issue in society. Maybe that's where I will focus this month?

All I know for sure is that I can't do it alone. I need you. Your support.

Maybe your contribution this month is to share a useful link about Down syndrome on your social media channels. Share a status you come across, blog about it, tweet about it, post a pic on IG. Maybe it's from Chasing Hazel, maybe it's something you come across on your own (in which case please share it with me too).

Let's work together!!!!

Even only for one month, to try and breakdown stereotypes. Try to spread positive insights and stories about Down syndrome. Not exceptional - positive. There's a huge difference!!!

I know you guys will be into it. You are some of the most caring and loyal readers out there. Much love to you all!!!! And of course, Happy Friday!!!


Happy Friday!!

Alas a Friday post!!! Don't think I forgot what I said about September. Yes, I have a birth story ready to go. I have a summer recap and lots of pics to share. BUT as I said I am working on a blog redesign which always comes with some challenges and trials. I'm gonna get it big time for posting this post today, but that's how much I am committed to you.




Hopefully see you next time with a brand new look here on Chasing Hazel and Nola.

That post I promised...

Just checking in. How are you all??? We are good...

Summer so far has been great. Lots and lots of family time, mixed in with visits with friends and play dates with the girls. Also, managing to get some projects done around the house. There has been a perfect balance of outings and trips with an equal amount of those days of staying home and just hanging with the girls. Nothing on the agenda except playing in the yard.

Still missing Nonno like crazy. Actually, noticing his absence even MORE as the day pass. It's such a strange thing to try to get used to when such a presence is no longer with us. Not sure if it ever feels normal.

Here are all the "smiley" photos from our family trip to Buckhorn Lake (the rest of the pics will come later).










See you back here in September. Starting off the return with Nola's birth story. Stay tuned...


Happy Friday!!!

I had to share these from last week, World Down Syndrome Day. I think they are 3 of my favourite pics in the world. How can you not smile looking at these??? Also.


Lots of grey skies. I am desperate for some sunshine. Will be blogging from a much warmer state next week. YAY!!!

Happy Friday All!!!




Hit the Motherload Monday

I had no time for the Friday post so I am offering you this on Monday. I DID IT!!!! I did it. I DID IT!!!!

Both girls together in one pic smiling at the same time. If only you could see what I am doing and the sounds coming out of my mouth. I'm pretty sure they are laughing at me not with me. It's not the first time I've sold my soul and forfeited my dignity.






Happy Freaking Monday peeps!!!!

Happy Friday!!!

This post includes the elusive, ever-coveted double smile. Something like the double rainbow, rarely seen but truly appreciated. It would be a true miracle if I could get both girls to smile in the SAME photo. One day friends, one day. We all have to have goals.



So I literally took this photo this morning. Just for you all. I have been told that Friday smiles make people very happy. I didn't want to disappoint.



Have a great weekend everyone!