Occupational Therapy - What's in the Bin?

How about we start off 2015 with an old (really old) Occupational Therapy post? I promise to return with a full update and account of the girls Christmas.  


As Hazel grows and masters old skills, we change the activities we do in Occupational Therapy. Here are some of the toys that are in our OT bin right now.



Hazel really does well when sitting to do these activities are part of her regular routine. We try about 3-4 days a week minimum. Sometimes we sit for 5 minutes, some times for 20. Sometimes we do all the activities, sometimes we do one. I really try to make it a fun experience for both of us. That being said, sometimes I take her out of the chair immediately after I put her in. You gotta know when to fold em'.







Hope this helps!!! Any DS parents out there that wish to share their ideas, I would love to hear them!!! Post a comment or email me!!!!