Happy Friday!

I'm pulling one from the archives this Friday!!! I just love this devilish grin. I get to wake up to this (almost) everyday. Sometimes they are just plain old HANGRY in the morning. What's HANGRY, you ask? Well, it's the condition that occurs when you are so extremely "hungry" you are "angry." HANGRY!!!

I wish I could take credit for the invention of this term but I have to give it to cousin Annie. You see, her and I both suffer from this very serious condition. My kids MUST have, obviously, gotten it from her. Right?!




We finally got a tree the other day and I must admit, something about having the tree up makes the Holiday feel that much more real. The scent of evergreen doesn't hurt either.

These next few pics are from our IG feed. I love LOOOOOOOVE them. They are our first Christmas-y photos of the season (besides the Santa visit that is...YIKES!)





If you come to our house any night of the week past about 6:30 - 7ish, you will almost always find naked - or at the very least - half naked children. Because, you know what? I have probably taken those pants on and off about 20 times by then. Don't judge me!