This Girl!!!!

Down Syndrome Awareness Month continues with this little angel. There are so many little ones that I would just love to share with you. This month I happened to only choose a few. I can hardly wait to share the rest of them with you. I have met some wonderful families on IG, that just so happen to be sharing and documenting their path with DS. It feels so good to have a virtual family that understands, supports and loves my family for all our differences and commonalities.

This little girl is nothing short of a miracle. She has been overcoming some serious challenges ever since the day she was born. From health concerns that she just made disappear, to being cognitively advanced for ANY child of her age, to being the best big sister to Cameron, and to being just about the sweetest, cutest little doll that there ever was. This girl is the whole package. She is breaking down stereotypes, paving the way for littles with DS. I am honoured that her mama, Lauren, shares her with us virtually.

We had our first Facetime date last week and plan on meeting up ASAP in Michigan. I can hardly wait to lay my eyes and my arms on this sweet girl and her family.


Meet Ellie.



Here is what her sweet mama has to say about her,

In a recent FB post, a friend and fellow Ds advocate asked her FB audience, "Ds mamas: We always talk about what we like about Ds, but what do you dislike?" My immediate response, "Nothing!" I truly do love everything about that extra chromosome.

As I sat and pondered my reply, however, I realized that what I dislike the most is the negative societal stigma attached to those two words - Down syndrome. Sadly, when most people think of Down syndrome, the thought of moderate to severe developmental delays and low cognition come to mind. Well, my friends, Ellie is living proof that, that stigma is old and outdated. Today during testing, her new therapists touted her as "brilliant," "amazing," and "remarkable," saying that she is "going to do huge things in life." Little do they know, she already has. She is the most incredible big sister, daughter, and friend. We still pinch ourselves in disbelief that she is ours. What a life she has ahead of her! As far as that stigma is concerned, Ellie continues to break down stereotypes, as do many individuals with Down syndrome. In addition to being cognitively advanced for her age, according to her IFSP/IEP testing, (After all, how many 2 years olds do you know that can nail first-grade reading comprehension questions; recite all of their letters, numbers, shapes, colors; and sight read more than 150 words?) the experts say that she has only a mild speech delay. Again we were encouraged to push full steam ahead with regards to full inclusion when it comes to preschool a year from now. Breaking down old stereotypes, smashing negative stigmas, and promoting both acceptance and inclusion of individuals who happen to be rocking an extra chromosome, that is what Ellie is all about. The sky is the limit and we couldn't be more proud of our amazing Ellie!

Ps. Her mom says that when she's wearing this outfit, she really does believe she is Cinderella.

Such a sweetheart!!! I am so SO SOOOOOOOOO proud of this little girl and her accomplishments.

Much love to Ellie and her wonderful family...xo