Happy Friday!!!

What can I tell you? We have been having a lot of mom-i'm-gonna-lose-my-s@#t moments around here. You know the ones where they pause for a second, look you straight in the eye, assess the situation, evaluate your emotional state and still go ahead and decide that grunting, growling, thrashing, and screaming is somehow the right choice? Yeah THAT!!!

Thankfully, we have also been having lots of those moments where you literally want to pinch yourself because you think you are dreaming. The girls are CONSTANTLY making us laugh, like always. Nola is really funny, like really. They copy everything the other one does and they both have taken to watching The Voice. It's not uncommon for us to have that show on very loud and the girls dancing and singing along. Evr'ry NIGHT!!!!

Anyway, I'm throwing this Friday back to a 7 month old baby Hazel that was just recovering from open heart surgery. If you are new here, feel free to read more about her VSD surgery here.


Fact for DSAM:

Lots of babies with Down syndrome are born with heart defects like VSD or AVSD (just to name a couple). Modern medicine has made it easier for these children to get the medical attention and repairs they need to fix these defects and let them lead healthy lives. Hazel was lucky to have had her VSD repair young. She's good as new!!!





Happy Friday everyone!!!