DSAM - Love me some Abby & Bailey

In an effort to continue to advocate during Down Syndrome Awareness Month, I'd like to introduce you to a couple of little girls that emanate pure joy in ALL that they do. Seriously, I dare you not to smile when you see Bailey's sweet sweet face. I met Christy, the beautiful mama of Abby and Bailey on IG. We are virtual friends. Her feed lit'rally brightens every single day for me. These girls have smiles that WON'T quit. After having Bailey, they adopted Abby. Happy endings do exist!




I was looking through my IG feed one day and I came across this pic of Abby. Then I read her mama's words. I was speechless. I stopped and stared at this sweet girls pic and I just thought...

YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!

This is exactly right. I feel the same way. Truer words have never been spoken. I am so proud to be a part of this world. Yes, it's challenging at times. But, LOOK!!! It's worth it. Every time I have second guessed myself, or Hazel. All the times I cursed having to do therapies with her. All the times I wished that "that one thing" was just east for her to do. It's all worth it.

Well just read Christy's words.



She says it best...

"Can you imagine what your life would look like if things that came easily to others weren't so easy for you? What if things like walking and talking and writing and jumping, and swallowing were things you desperately wanted to do but had to work and work and work to accomplish them? Would you do it with a smile on your face? With determination and without giving up? Today Abby drank from a cup unassisted, and she did it beautifully, remembering all of the instructions given to her by her speech pathologist to help her swallow safely and prevent aspiration. Girlfriend rocked it and grinned the biggest, proud of herself grin ever when she was done. I don't know when in the history of mankind that people with special needs became the ones that were made fun of, picked on, and not given opportunities to thrive. If anything our society needs to be looking up to these individuals who work so hard to accomplish things that often come so easily and naturally to their typically developing peers. Some days I want to weep for my daughters because of the way society has imposed its untrue and unkind stereotypes on them. Every single day I want to applaud them for determination and hard work and abilities. They inspire me."



This is Bailey. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I. Can't. Even.



This family is beyond inspirational. To follow along with Abby and Bailey's journey please find them on IG at user name "cjpics." Christy's words about adoption are raw, true, emotional and inspirational. Every time I read a post about her sweet Abby and their experience with adoption it's like I'm receiving a call to action. There are babies out there that need homes, love, support, mamas, dada's, brothers and sisters. These babies need medical attention, therapies and TLC.

To read more about adopting a baby with Down syndrome, please take some time to visit Reece's Rainbow. A website dedicated to finding sweet little angels with Down syndrome their forever homes.