It Not You - It's me...

Ok. Don't be mad. You're gonna be mad. Just hear me out... It's nothing you did, or said. It's me... YOU? You are perfect!

Although I love this space. I love sharing, writing and documenting, researching, reading comments and e-mails from readers...

I need a break.

With the passing of my Nonno and the simple fact that life just doesn't seem to be slowing down, I am really feeling the need to spend time with my girls. Without the social media distraction (except for IG of course). My motivation is definitely taking a hit here.

I might keep posting a few things here and there. Mostly just to continue documenting life for the girls to read one day. I will also be writing and getting new posts ready for the fall. Like a birth story for example. It's written, just needs a little editing and a few images. Not sure why they take me so long to post??? Anyway, trust me I will be quietly working away on a fresh bunch of posts. Just in time for us all to be ready to get a warm cup of coffee and settle in to those few moments we have to spare and catch up on your favourite little gal Hazel and her new side kick.



I leave you with a little update on our girl Hazel.


(all her photos look like this now. She runs toward the camera almost every time)

She has been growing and changing so SO much in her second year. Turning more and more into a little girl with an evolving personality. She is certainly enjoying exerting control over the decisions being made. Especially where food is concerned. Except I don't get the memo each day with the menu choices. I think she would literally just live on gold fish crackers, yogurt and tomatoes if I let her.

Yes, I give her gold fish crackers. No they are not gluten free, dairy free, organic, free range and whatever else food is supposed to be now-a-days. But the bonus about them is, she eats them. She doesn't whine, complain, throw them, waste them, and she can come up to me and ask specifically for "crackers."

SOLD!!!! Here ya go.

Look - I know what a healthy, holistic, well rounded diet should look like. And I also know what survival should look like. I'd like to think I am somewhere in between. Sometimes you just have to embrace processed cheese for what it is. A miracle. Hazel will eat anything with processed cheese on it.

Trust me when I say that Hazel will eat a huge variety of food. Fish, risotto, chicken, sausage, sandwiches, eggs (with spinach & kale), pasta, oatmeal, toast, hummus, potatoes and so much more. BUT...only when she is in the mood to eat said foods. If not...


I digress...


I would have to say that the biggest changes for her these last few months have been with her communication. She has literally become obsessed with Baby Signing Time (sign language DVDs). She comes out in the morning and is signing and saying "Baby - Time." I usually try to indulge her in her requests so she learns the basics of communication - ask and you shall receive. When she asks for anything, she pretty much gets it.


(signing cry)

Her vocabulary grows by the day, she is always willing to repeat everything and a great deal of what she says is in context. She will look through a picture book and I can hear her saying all the words she knows. Strawberry, ball, boat, grapes, apple, shoes, dog, cat, bear, socks, fish, banana, tomato, flower, orange, balloon, bubbles, etc.

Every day she carefully examines the books in her bin, thoughtfully chooses one, carries it across the room, hands me the book, slowly turns her little body around and lowers her bum onto my lap and we read. It's the best. I really enjoy the moments she is willing to sit still and read a book because a lot of the time lately she just wants to go go go.





(How much do I LOVE this??!!! This here is the reason I am taking a break. This is what is going to heal my soul. I am going to indulge in this)


I am so proud of how hard she tries to repeat my words, even though sometimes it sounds NOTHING like what I have said. Her determination and confidence to keep trying is all I could ever ask for. As long as she feels safe to try, I will always be proud. Let's face it. Hazel makes me proud. Everyday. She makes my heart proud.

Hazel also has this ability to make me annoyed, frustrated and wear down all my patience but you don't wanna hear about that now do you? 2 year olds...sigh.

For the next little while we are working on speech and communication, strengthening her hams and quads, and just enjoying the summer. Visiting with friends, swimming in pools, enjoying family dinners and indulging in a few more cottage trips (which I will share here eventually).



If you are really desperate for a Hazel fix you can find us on IG or follow our Facebook page. But for now, the blog is on summer holiday.


h2      h9


I sincerely wish you all a great summer (or winter depending on where you are reading from). I will be thinking of you and hoping you find some time to spend with your families and friends.

Meet you back here in or around September-ish. You may see a random Friday post before then. I will try, I promise.

Will miss this guys. Lots of love and warm wishes.

Talk soon