Nola's Baptism


The day was perfect in every way. Turns out I love baptisms! It was exciting to plan. I was honored to be able to celebrate my girl's marriage into the Church with all our family and close friends. It's the only one of her weddings that I have total control over. So I took advantage.

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Let me mention now that Vita Photography is yet again responsible for capturing all the perfect moments and details of this day that I don't want to forget. If you are in the local area, you need to book with her!!!! The pics are always amazing in every way.

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Proud Godparents...

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Love these...

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Nola was very interested to see who was putting water on her head. By the third time the priest poured it on her, she just had to turn to see what was going on. She had us all smiling.




Family shots...

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Nola and Nonna B. Nonna B completely outdid herself again making the gorgeous dress Nola is wearing. No pattern, no measuring, only one fitting and perfect. We are all spoiled to have her. Also, shes almost 80. Seriously!!!

Love you, Nonna B!!!



These next 2 are what is currently making my life.

My girls...



My family... I heart them!



Perfect day spent with perfect people, honoring the most perfect little girl and her relationship with God.

Happy Days