Happy Friday!!!

The weather has been perfect these days. Just enough rain to water the plants, just enough sun and heat to be able to bring the kids out and enjoy the fresh air. I am so much more pleasant to be around when the sun is shining (in my opinion). Hazel likes to open the screen door and let herself out when she feels like it. So, we pretty much keep the door closed at all times. But, her face when she thinks she's smarter than us...priceless.

This week I'm sharing a little NOLA love. She's gotta be the happiest baby I have ever met. Her smile is so big her whole body goes stiff. Legs and arms are goin' every which way. Ughhhh...It's just way too much for me. I scoop her up, squeeze her and kiss her like a thousand times a day.




Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Happy Friday!!!!