8 Years Later...

I have had this blog for over 2 years now and have yet to share any of our history as a newly married couple. I must be feeling a little nostalgic cause I'm looking at old wedding pics. ann2


It's so unbelievable to look back at these 2 crazy kids. In a way they are strangers to me. I feel so far removed from this time in my life. We have both been through so many absolutely life altering moments and events since this day. The day that marked the beginning of it all. We had no idea how our lives and our paths were going to intertwine.

I honestly do not know what I would do without this man. He literally is a rock. He has a way of making everything make sense for me. His approach for living and facing life is fearless. I literally, do not know how I get to do life with him.

Kudos universe...kudos!


These 2 next pics are my absolute favs. They are definitely not the "picture perfect" wedding photos but they are real, genuine and dripping with PURE JOY. This moment for me will never be forgotten. The first moments of being this man's wife.




8 years later and we are still laughing, working, compromising, respecting, traveling, crying, loving, and parenting like it's our job. Coming out on top most days. Planning, hoping, learning and looking forward to the next 8 - and all the 8s after that.



8 years later. Here's where we are now...



How did I get so blessed? Life is a gift.