Nola, Nola

photo(6)'s 6 months already. In a way it feels like it's flown by like the speed of sound, but in a very different way it feels like she's been here forever. It's the latter, I am going to try to savour. I thoroughly enjoy her company. She is such a smiley, happy, curious little girl. Seriously, she literally is TOO much. Jammed packed full of pure joy!!!

As a quick side note: Since she has started eating solids, her sleeping through the night has improved dramatically. I think this MAY be (just may be) part of the reason why I feel like I love her so much more at the moment. Do not judge me! I think I have been honest about me not being my "best self" when I am sleep deprived.

I digress...This is about Nola.

There's nothing that goes on around her that she doesn't want to be a part of. She loves everybody. Always has a big smile to share and a snuggle to give. Still, I am her favourite. I can't say I'm hating that. She will literally do a dive bomb out of Daddy's arms to try and get to me. She also does the same thing when she sees her food coming near....sooooooo. Still, I am sure it's me she's obsessed with and not food. Right?!



With each passing month she changes so much. I am forever thanking the gradual passing of time. A mama heart can handle their babes growing, as long as it happens slowly, gradually.


Here's some of the changes that have been happening 'round here over the past couple of months:

She started sitting up. I need to be sitting next to her just in case she topples over (which she does). I can't say that I am encouraging the gross motor. I just want her to stay put and be little forever. She's not on board.




She got her first couple of teeth. First tooth - May 4 2014 and second tooth - May 19th. It's been fun. Poor babe.

We started solids. That's been great. She loves it. Not so much fruit (I remember Hazel was the same), but veggies YES! Started rice cereal (April 27 2014). Not a fan until I added banana or sweet potato.




See...Much better.


We have been introducing new foods quickly. I try one per day. I was very interested to find out that the guidelines have changed since Hazel started solids. According to my pediatrician (and this is only him - so please ask your docs before you start your children on solids), you can introduce any foods anytime now. Yes, peanut butter and yes, eggs. As long as you only do one food at a time. We are just doing what we feel comfortable with and taking Nola's lead. So far she's a happy girl. Onward...


Nola's babbling has become somewhat of a nuisance. She will be heard guys! She will be heard. SO LOUD all the time. I literally can't watch a TV show while I am nursing. I can't tell you how many a line on "Friday Night Lights" I have missed because of Nola and her need to talk. (Complete side note: Friday Night Lights will leave a mark on your soul and change the way you view life - just sayin')

Girlfriend loves to play with cups any shape any size, strings and tags. Also, anything Sissy has. Hazel has offered to share, twice, that's all. She will do whatever she has to, to see the TV once The Wiggles have been put on for Hazel.

Last thing. There was a baptism. It deserves it's own post. The pics are unreal.



What else can I say? I just want to bottle up all these little tiny details so that I never EVER forget what makes my girl my, my girl. No matter how long I go on here, I will never be satisfied that I wrote enough, or described her well enough, or added enough details about her. There will always be things that I forget. So, I guess here is a good a time as any to stop.



I love you my sweet little lamb. You literally brighten up our hearts and our home with your smile.