Heart Check Up

I am really not sure how it took me so long to post this update from our last cardiologist apt. Well...hang on...Easter happened, than baptism planning happened, baptism happened (with out of town guests), funeral happened, then a flu bug forced the girls and I to squat at Nonna's house for a couple days. Poor Matt.

Here we are...

All was well according to the heart doc. Hazel is doing even better than he had expected. We finally have visits only once a year. Most importantly, Hazel is always greeted with huge smiles and open arms when she gets her check ups. Love the docs so much!!!



It was really amazing to see a new little person in the office with us this time. It really makes you think how much can change in such a short time. I almost can't stand how much I love that they have each other, especially in a situation like this.



The ride home was filled with PURE JOY! And by pure joy I mean, good tunes, comfy car, good conversation and warm coffee.  (5 minutes before this pic there certainly wasn't pure joy - lot's and lot's of crying - but as soon as that stopped the scene in this pic happened). Bliss!


I know what it looks like, Matt's not sleeping.

Happy Thursday