Happy Friday!

I know...I know... A whole week has gone by and not ONE post. Sorry!!!

This Friday's pic makes my LIFE!!! It also shows exactly why I have not been able to post. Although not for the best reason, we have had some family in town. My grandfather is ill and he needed the family to pull together and be present for a couple of days.

We did just that. All the cousins spent an entire day just being present. We laid on picnic blankets, blew bubbles, went for walks, listened to Nonno muster every ounce of energy he had to sing opera to us, pulled out old records of Nonno singing opera back in the 1950s (My Nonna and Nonno have had quite the history together. There love story is remarkable - REMARKABLE). We cooked and drank and ate - TOGETHER. It was just what the doctor ordered. By the end of the first day Nonno turned around for the better. He still has good days and bad but we were able to turn the bad into good. And we will keep on doing what we have to do to make sure all the rest of his days are the best that they can be.



These munchkins....I die



Happy Friday all!!! Seize the Day and all that.