Occupational Therapy - What's in the bin?

  When Hazel and I do OT (Occupational Therapy) I like to have her sit in her high chair so that she gets used to more of a structured activity time. We are kind of always doing OT when we play just by doing puzzles, snap beads, pull apart activities, eating, dressing, reading etc. But I find that it's easier to introduce new skills and activities when her and I can both focus on one thing at a time. Once she has mastered the skill I take the toy and put it in "gen-pop" (general population with the rest of the toys).

Also, I try to give her as many different ways of doing the same thing that her therapist and I can think of (most of these ideas are her therapists. I just try to find things around the house that reinforce the concepts). For instance, building blocks. She has several different shapes, sizes and colours that she can practice with. Specifically, mega-blocks, bristol blocks, counting blocks, ABC blocks etc.


Here is what is in our OT bin at the moment:

ot pic final


We work on all these activities together. We try everyday but more realistically its probably 3 to 4 times a week.

We use the containers to put the toy into that we are done with. It's important to offer her a place for them so that she doesn't throw them everywhere. OT can be very messy....Yikes!!!

The little people toys are for teaching animal sounds or to use while we read books with the corresponding animal. Girlfriend likes props!

Play-doh for hand strengthening and putting pegs into. Sometimes we sing songs and make it into different shapes. For example, "Patty Cake". We roll it, pat it, and so on.

The textured surface for colouring just makes it more interesting because of the sounds when she colours.

As always I encourage you to share "what's in your bin?" I love to hear your ideas, thoughts, comments, questions. Please leave a comment!!!