3-21World Down Syndrome Day 2014

PicMonkey Collage First I wanna say that I am overwhelmed by the Facebook and IG love we received yesterday. WOAH!!!! We feel very warm and fuzzy over here.


What can I say here on World Down Syndrome Day that I haven't said before.


It is important to say that Down syndrome is our everyday life. It's "normal" for us. Hazel just is. She is...

Our daughter, a sister, a 2 year old, a little girl, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter, and a friend.

She likes...

To read, play, eat, sleep, sing, dance, walk, run, play outside, go places, be free, give hugs and kisses, watch TV (The Voice and The Wiggles) and so much more.

Down syndrome, a once very scarey thing for us, has become a part of our everyday. It is no longer scarey. It is no longer the unknown. That certainly doesn't mean that we don't have concerns for the future or worry about what challenges lie ahead. We do. Trust me we do. But why worry about the possibility of a future challenge or problem, when all is perfectly well right now.

Sometimes I lose this battle. I find myself really panicking about school, or her friends, or whatever.

Then there is a day like today.


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And I remember that we are not in this alone. I remember that we have all of you. I remember that our hearts and minds have been opened to accepting that which is "different" (but not really). I feel genuine love and support. This day where I didn't have to ask you all to wear your crazy socks or your t shirts to show your unrelenting commitment to showing the world that Hazel has a place in it, as do others who share her extra chromosome. You just did it and shared it and ROCKED IT!!!! I'd like to see anyone try to disrespect Hazel in any way. They would have all of you to deal with. Our village is becoming a fortress. Again, I am honoured to be part of it.

So many things made me happy today. Thought I would share some.

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(yes...this 11 year old painted this for Hazel)

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