The Grand Scale

1yr9 When our children turn 1 it generates a whole cycle of emotions within our hearts. They are getting bigger, older, more independent. They are not "babies" anymore (except to mama). They have been around for 365 days. That's a lot of days for a mama's heart, but really - NOT a lot of days in the grand scale of things.

Ahhhhh that "grand scale." Somehow when we say "the grand scale" it makes us feel better. It's like looking only at one star in a constellation. It makes 'said event' seem small, insignificant, unimportant. It's supposed to give us perspective. As a mom, I can see that 1 year may be just that, only 1 year - but for Hazel so much has changed.



She became brave enough to let go and learn how to stand...


She started walking...


(I heart this next pic so much)


She has made tremendous strides in learning about the world around her and how to manipulate things in her environment...





She became a big sister...

sister  sister2

And as the days were approaching to Hazel turning 2, she started to act very much like a 2 year old. Temper tantrums, throwing things, hitting, exercising control over what food she will and will not eat and when, only finding interest in playing with things are not hers (ie. my phone, the remotes, the computer, and so on). So 2 is going to be fun, RIGHT?

I digress...


As time keeps ticking by and ANOTHER 365 days go by and your baby turns 2. Well now, this is a whole new feeling isn't it?


You are forced to realize the natural order of things. 2 is followed by 3, which is followed by 4 and so on. They just keep getting older. Time keeps a tickin' on and the babes they keep creating their own space on the grand scale. She is ONLY 2 after all. She has so much more life left to live. So many new things to learn. So many experiences to have. For me, I am not sure that when I think of the "grand scale", it gives me comfort to know that so much lies ahead or if it minimizes the 730 days that have passed already.

I think if we measure just by time passing alone, the 2 years might seem like a blip. But, if we measure by how much our hearts have grown with LOVE and PRIDE - I would say that these last 730 days were most certainly very significant on the "grand scale."

I am honoured and humbled everyday watching Hazel overcome challenges (and yes - sometimes frustrated), grow and become a more independent little girl. She works hard everyday at trying to master new skills. I learn more about looking at life as a 'work-in-progress' from her than she does from me. We are both mastering new skills. We are both learning to accept what is. We are both taking life's subtleties in stride and the best part is we are doing it together. We are sculpting our 'grand scale' together.

And I guess, in the 'grand scale', so much changes but so much stays the same...




She still doesn't like the song "Happy Birthday" nor does she like to blow out her candles. When we practiced at home before the big day, she blew out the candle, we cheered and then she cried.

PicMonkey Collage

Here's to the 730 days that have given us so many tears of joy and fear, the opportunity to embrace all life's lessons, smiles that warm our hearts, laughter that fills our home and pride that swells with each passing day.

Big LOVE for our girl Hazel. The 2 years we have been blessed to have you, have only given us a small taste of what the rest of our lives will be like with you in it. If I could just ask for one thing?

Please lose the attitude. Girlfriend has a real attitude problem already. Yikes!!!