Skating Party 2014


Seguin Financial Group (which is Daddy's company) hosted yet another successful skating party for his clients.

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Last year we had a blast and this year was no exception. Hazel was a huge fan of flying around on the ice in her daddy's arms. This year she not only had a few go-a-rounds on the ice with Daddy (and Uncle Bart), but she also enjoyed running around the arena and mingling with the crowd.


It's always such an absolute pleasure to meet some of Matt's clients. And of course, catch up with those that make it out every year. It's so comforting to know that when he is away from his family at home, he is spending time with an extended family of clients at work.

Absolutely lovely people...




I feel like I get to take part in watching his clients families grow. They have more kids. The ones that came out last year have grown. The grand kids multiply and grow. Grandparents faces beam with pride at how much the loves of their lives skills have improved out on the rink.




If I had to declare a theme for this day it would have to be PRIDE.

Skating is a tricky skill to learn. It takes practice and determination. While everyone is skating, I watch as the parents are there to encourage and pick up the ones that are just learning. They wear this protective little smile on their faces while they stay close to their kids. It often turns to a smile of pride when, even the smallest of goals, is accomplished.

I get to watch as others hold their loved ones hands and take a moment that's just for them. They glide around the ice and smile. They talk. They spend time just being in the moment with each other. I love it.




We added another guest to the invite list this year. Little Nola.

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She thought the party was Booooooooooorrrrring...

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And when duty calls in terms of being a true hockey lovin' Canadian, our girls don't like to disappoint...


There's nothing like a little dirty shove-gloves off-shirt over the back-helmets flying-hockey town fighting between sisters.



Nice work girls. Momma sure is PROUD. We all have our reasons for being proud on this here fine occasion. Don't judge me!


We truly hope everyone who came out enjoyed the event. Until next year...