Hazel's Big Girl Room

Back when I was nesting (preparing for a new baby by giving my old baby a brand new bedroom), I met one of the greatest loves of my life. PAINT!!!

Not just any old paint, American Paint Company - Chalk and Mineral base paint. I cannot tell you how easy it is to use, it's safe for a kids bedroom, and it gives the best distressed look to old furniture. Basically, I became so obsessed with this paint, if things weren't nailed down they were likely going to find themselves with a shiny new coat of paint. It was bad. Good thing I was really pregnant at the time and eventually my energy fizzled out. I could only do so much.


Here are some of the items that were subjected to my nesting obsession:

1. Toddler swing - bought for 5$ at antique shop



Picture frame - 20$ at antique shop



Wooden plaques - 24$

PicMonkey Collage


Old hutch - 50$ at yard sale

PicMonkey Collage


Here's how they ended up in Hazel's room...




Ok...I didn't paint this mirror. I bought it at an antique shop just like that. Hazel loves to sit in front of it and talk, read, and dance.


I decided to hang her Christening gown instead of leave it in the closet.



This is the hutch I bought for $50 and painted. OBSESSED!!!


How much do I love that she's closing the door on me already???


I think she likes her new room...


Curtains and bedding custom made by Bellalulubaby.