Happy Friday!!!

These pictures are from Hazel's birthday party. A quiet dinner with the family. Hazel was sleeping when everyone arrived so she woke up to a house full. Here's Hazel's face when she walked in and saw the family all gathered for her special day.




She was obsessed with the balloons...



She had a great time with her cousins...



She did not like her cake...AGAIN!



She was really into opening her gifts...



Here is our attempt at a family photo. We are all in it and accounted for.


Expectations were officially met. Meaning we have no expectations that everyone look presentable, be looking at the camera, the lighting be right etc. We are all there and that's going to have to be good enough for now.

This is our reality for now. Family photos reflect the crazy time in our lives. Have 2 kids under 2 and here's what your family portraits will look like too. When I look back at these pics 20 years from now, I will remember exactly what life was like back then. After all that is why we document these moments with photos. To relive them when they are long gone.

Mission accomplished!