Well Hello There...

Ahem - Well here we are... It's been a while...Ahem (insert me awkwardly "looking-down-kicking-the-dirt" image here)

You seem different - did you change your hair? No - Ok - Well you look nice.

I'm sorry baby - I swear I wasn't blogging somewhere else...


After what has been a long uncomfortable silence for us (on account of me having 2 children that demand pretty much every  second of my day) I have returned. If even for only a fleeting moment, a brief whisper in the wind, I have come back to you. I hope our relationship is strong enough to withstand such a long pause.

I digress...



Coming into the new year on Chasing Hazel sharing some of my favourite moments of 2014 so far.


1. Very Serious Shadow Play


I adore that Hazel still loves to chat and dance with her shadow. The weather has not been cooperating lately in terms of sunny days and these opportunities for her to interact with her shadow are few and far between. I try to soak it all in when the sun shines in. We have been held captive in the house this winter. Partly because we have a newborn and partly because the temperatures have been lower than they have been in years.





2. Play Date with Nanny K

We drank coffee (not Hazel - or Nanny K - just mommy I guess...well it was perfect), we read books, we had a dance party and we threw tissue paper. The pictures speak for themselves.

Hazel's face...





Best. Visit. Ever.


3. This...



I wish I could report that Hazel is infatuated with her sister, but to tell you the truth she really couldn't care less. She doesn't like when sissy cries, or when one of her limbs uncontrollably reaches out and touches Hazel anywhere. For Hazel, Nola doesn't bring much to the table. She just goes about her day as if sissy didn't exist.

BUT every once in a while, like an eclipse, this moment happens. And my mama heart explodes - literally - explodes with love.


Nola is absolutely head-over-heals, in unconditional love with Hazel. Her face lights up when she can even just get a glimpse of Hazel. She insists on being propped up so that she can watch when daddy and Hazel wrestle, she wants to witness the dance parties that are happening always, and she especially wants to be sitting at the dinner table with us while we eat (we certainly have learned to do a lot with only 1 hand).

You can see it in Nola's eyes. She knows. She chose us. She chose Hazel.


Our cup runneth over...my friends.


4. Late Nights with Nola

It is not uncommon for Matt and I to say goodnight to Hazel, gather Nola and jump into bed. We start the late evening chats with our girl where she gets 100% of our attention. Between her uncontrollable cuteness, the smiles, the new cooing sounds of a new babe and The Good Wife on Netflix, our nights shape up to be quite ideal.




I hope the new year is treating you all kindly.