Supporting a Local Family

  A local man and his family were victimized by a fire in their rented home several days ago. Fortunately, they escaped the blaze unharmed.

Sadly, the damage was SEVERE and they have been left with NOTHING.

Having moved in just before Christmas, they had not yet secured insurance. They have a place to stay with family at the moment but will soon need to find a new place of their own. Nothing remained after the fire. They have 3 children. A 14 year old girl (size sm/med shirt - size 1 pants - size 7 ladies shoe) , a 12 year old boy (size 28 man's pants - size 8 man's shoe) and a 4 year old girl (size 4 & 8.5 kids shoe).

They desperately need your help!


They could use anything you might be able to spare:

  • furniture
  • household items
  • cash
  • clothes
  • food

Just imagine if you and your family were victimized in such a way that you found yourselves having to start over with nothing. They will appreciate ANYTHING that you have to spare and any duplicate items will be given to a local charity.

Spring cleaning is almost here anyway. Why not start purging early this year?



You can drop off your donation here between the hours of 9 & 4:

Ground Effects
4505 Rhodes Drive
Windsor, ON
N8W 5R8

Or feel free to e-mail me and I will gladly arrange a pick up for your items.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support!!!