Christmas Morning

We had a very quiet morning just hanging with our girls. Nola slept in and gave us time to spend with Hazel. She is not sure yet who Santa is, and doesn't get that he brings presents. She was just really into unwrapping her gifts and playing with her new toys. And the Christmas  tree...



And eating. This is what I ate on Christmas morning growing up as a kid, it's what my mom ate and it's what her mom ate...and so on. So, we eat...


We were all getting over a cold/flu bug just in time for Christmas. Hazel was really run down and sick. She was such a trooper but was still tired and cranky most of the holidays. You have no idea what a relief it was to see this face on Christmas morning.


The only pic I have of the girls somewhat together on Christmas. At least they're in the same frame. And Hazel is smiling (a rarity this season). I will take it!


My sweet little lamb's First Christmas.

You guys!!! This baby is seriously so sweet and happy all the time. We could not have been more blessed to have her with us this year. She always has a smile to share and stories to tell. Any friendly face will do. When she smiles her whole body smiles with her. Her legs are a kickin', arms are a wavin', eye brows furrowin', it's THE BEST.


And obviously these feet are beyond the scope of perfection. They are almost edible. I am so obsessed with this girl. I can't wait for all our life holds now that she's a part of it.


And now I'm moving on the to the new year. I'm done talking about 2013. It's time to start fresh with our girls.