A Simple Game for Teachers & Parents

I know a lot of teachers are just going back from holiday break. Also, parents at home are getting routines established and trying to settle in after the holidays. Here is a quick easy resource for you to use to keep the teaching and learning easy...I hope.  


I came across a blog called "Colorado Moms" that has a section devoted to Special Needs. As I was skimming through, I happened to see a really helpful post about a really easy tool that can be used in a classroom or at home with a child with special needs.

Connect 4




Here is an excerpt from the post on Colorodo Moms:

"I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist who works with the birth-three population in their home environment. A big part of my job is to educate parents on which toys or games are good for their child to facilitate developmental skills. I would like to take this opportunity to share a couple of my personal favorite “therapy tools” that I utilize frequently in my therapy sessions.

Connect Four – What a fantastic game Connect Four is! I use it with children as young as one and have also used it with children as old as 8. Connect Four is a great game to work on fine motor development to target the following skills:"

1) grasping patterns 2) functional release 3) eye-hand coordination 4) visual-perceptual skills 5) language/social-development


Please check out and read the rest of the post on how you can use "Connect 4" with your kids, here on Colorado Moms.

This post goes on to explain in detail each category that I posted above. It seems super easy to use and it helps to develop some really important skills.


Please let me know if this resource was helpful for you!!!