Happy Christmas

I'm not gonna lie. We have had better Christmas holidays. Sorry Nola, it's a fact. With 17 family members sick from the same virus, it's kinda hard to see the light. It's hard to find the time and energy to pick up that Christmas book and read it to your kids. It's hard to cook and take part in the giving and sharing part of the season. It's hard to have dance parties to Christmas music (although this we have managed - some things I just won't compromise). It's been hard to find the perfect gifts for loved ones when you are trapped inside the house. It's been hard to console a sick miserable girl everyday, knowing that she is such a happy kid most of the time. BUT THEN...

Then I get a small glimpse of what really matters. My girls being together for their very first Christmas. The first of many. They are too young to understand yet, but with the addition of a sister this year, it just all makes sense. I can imagine them bouncing into our bedroom in years to come, with news that Santa has come. Let's be honest, Nola will be running in to tell us Santa has come and Hazel will be under the tree tearing through the gifts before our feet hit the floor.

We have been blessed this year with a gift that we never saw coming, but didn't hesitate to receive.



From our hearts to your homes - We are wishing you all the peace in the world for this holiday season.



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Happy New Year!!!