Meet Nola Charlie

I  finally have a hot minute to throw a pic or two up of little Nola. And I mean a hot minute... (As promised, I did post a couple of pics on our Facebook page for those of you who follow us over at Chasing Hazel. Also, I update the IG feed at user name Chasing_Hazel)

We are settling in nicely. However, battling the nursing clock, the Hazel clock and the "dreaming-about-sleeping" clock have left little time for blogging and writing. I promise I will post pics of Hazel and her sister soon. But first we have to live the moments so I can share them with you.


Hot out of the 41 week, 1 day oven...Here she is - only minutes old...

Nola Charlie

nola2 nola


We are all adjusting wonderfully. Hazel loves to give hugs and kisses.


I can't even begin to describe the warmth, love and peace she brings to our home.

I. Can't. Even.

Now I get to start another birth story...