Last Visit to the Cardiologist

While we are still adjusting to our new home life, new routines, and new roles I have this update from last month. I hope to get some pics of the girls up on the blog soon! *************************************************************************************************

Just a quick update on our last visit to London. It was in early October, but you know how things are - time is flying. Hazel had just turned 20 months. She weighed in at a whopping 26 lbs and 33 inches. It is almost unbelievable to think that at some point she was only 4 lbs.

She received another glowing report from the cardiologist and his staff. She is always putting on the smiles and blowing kisses to them just to make sure they eat out of her hand (like they weren't already). They adore her, and we adore them. We have come to know them all so well and respect how well they have taken care of our girl. She really likes the tech who does the ultrasound on her, all holding his fingers and whatnot. LOVE IT!




And of course we try to NEVER miss an opportunity to see our NICU fwends.


All of which are getting so big and active. We certainly weren't sitting on the blanket having a nice quiet picnic this time around. More like trying to maintain a zone defense and make sure to keep all our littles corralled on the playground.







Love these little trips so much...

Sadly we missed out on seeing our other 2 little fwends, Carter and Ella. Hope to see them soon!!!