WOAH!!! Here we are again...

  Here we are again in October. A very special month in our home since the birth of our girl, Hazel. One of my goals with this blog has always been to advocate for those with Down Syndrome.

I believe the best way to ADVOCATE is to EDUCATE!!!

I have been trying to create and share posts that both generate interest and discussion AMONG YOU. I try to include resources that you will enjoy and find useful. I have also linked to other blogs and websites that I find inspiring or informative in sharing other stories about Down Syndrome.

I hope I have succeeded in this goal. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see me address or add in the future.



I will feature...

1. One post on Physiotherapy

2. One post on Occupational Therapy

3. One post on Speech Therapy

4. At least one new resource for your homes or classrooms

5. Of course, the regular Friday posts will still be posted. As well as other quick updates and IG pics.


6. Hazel's Birth Story

I can barely wait to share it with all of you. I feel that it fits perfectly with the theme this month.

In it, I share a lot of feelings about Down syndrome and how it began to filter into our lives in the very beginning. I give you an honest recollection of how it all played out. I really feel that I put my heart out there for you all so it's going to be tough to hit that "publish" button. Also, when I do share it with you, I will probably sign off for a bit to welcome a new little soul into our home. And I will surely be writing another birth story to share.


Please feel free to share any or all of the posts this month. We always need your help to spread the word and support those with Down syndrome. This month just makes it that much easier to do it.

Thanks for your continued support!!!


Just in case you missed this pic on Chasing Hazel's Facebook page (we only need 2 more "likes" to get to 500. I can't believe it!!!) or IG feed (user name Chasing_Hazel - Come on you know you want to join us!) I thought I would post it here.

Feel free to let me know what you are doing to honour DSAM. There are a lot of great blogs out there that are doing wonderful things to celebrate. Check out this BLOG HOP!!! I love to hear from other families and those of you who advocate as well.

Thanks for checking in on the blog, especially this month!!!