Happy Halloween

  So, I guess there will be a post before the introduction of our newest edition. While we anxiously await her arrival (and I mean anxiously), I was able to throw together a Halloween costume post.

I mean it's only fair right....Halloween is here!!!

My goal this year was to keep it easy, attainable and EASY. So, I just so happened to have most of this stuff lying around.

Without further ado.....Meet Hazel

Our little Jazz/Tap dancer....


(The pic above is the only one I have of her holding both props)




It started out as an innocent costume...




And once we found this most perfect theater room, with the wall panel mirrors and a dance rail...well excuse my not so graphic language when I say...

S#@T got real!


Looking at my girl in that outfit, with those mirrors and holding on to that bar. I nearly lost it. This will all be too real someday in the not so distant future and I was so excited to get a glimpse into what it might look like. Although, I must admit it was a little difficult seeing how big Hazel is getting so quickly.





Seriously.....SERIOUSLY!!! I DIE!!!!!!!



Happy Halloween Everyone! Please be safe...